Want to lose weight Cassia tea to help you _1

Want to lose weight Cassia tea to help you

Cassia is a drug released by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. It is also a food product. It is recorded in the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”. It has the functions of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, relaxing the bowels, and reducing fat and slimming.

The cassia seed is poisonous, and there is no problem if it is turned into a clarification.

In general supermarket pharmacies sell all the ginseng, there will be no toxic problems.

Cassia can clear the liver fire, eyesight, laxative, hot water after the opening has a burnt flavor.

However, it is cold and it will be a bit cold if it is accepted alone for a long time, but it can be added with other Chinese medicines.


Cassia tea raw materials: cassia seed 30g.

Usage: boiling water.

Efficacy: can reduce blood pressure and lower blood fat, laxative.


Lotus leaf slimming tea ingredients: lotus leaf 3g, cassia seed 6g, rhubarb 3g, Shouwu 3g, lentils 3g, silk flower 3g.

Usage: boiled water for tea, efficacy: can lose weight and reduce fat, smooth in the intestines.

Suitable for hypertension, constipation, etc.


Hawthorn cassia tea raw materials: dried tangerine peel 15g hay 15g cassia seed 60g Chenshan 楂 15g car front use: 5 bowls of water into a bowl of water, efficacy: weight loss 4 cassia green tea raw materials: cassia seed, green tea each 5g.

Method: The cassia seed is fried with a small fire until the aroma overflows, and it is cool.

Put the fried cassia seed, green tea in the cup, into the boiling water, soak 3?
You can drink after 5 minutes.

Drink with the water until the taste is light.

Efficacy: This tea is cool and moisturized, and has a good taste. It has the effect of clearing heat and calming the liver, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure, relaxing the bowels, and improving the eyesight.

Indications: for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, constipation, blurred vision and so on.