Nutrition foods that make children smart

“Nutrition foods” that make children smart

The rapid development of the human brain is mainly in the fetal and infant stages.
At birth, the brain weight is about 400 grams, which is 25% of the human body.
At the age of 6, children’s brain and nervous system development has reached 85% of humans, and at 8 years of age, intelligence can reach 80% of adults.
It can be seen that preschool is the stage of rapid development of children’s intelligence.
  The nutrition required for the development of the brain during the fetal period is mainly obtained by the mother. Whether the balance of the mother’s nutrition is complete or not will determine the development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus.
  In fact, intelligence is composed of thinking ability, imagination, memory, observation, concentration, and operation ability.
When we say that the effect of diet on intelligence is actually the effect of diet on these abilities.
Balanced nutrition can support the body, make the child energetic and active, thereby stimulating the brain to make the child smart; second, balanced nutrition can support the brain and allow the child to play, thereby stimulating the child to be smart.
  Balanced nutrition includes many, such as: energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and the most important vitamins and minerals that parents can easily ignore today.
Brain-healthy foods, one is the necessary structural fats, the other is the reasonable combination of lutein, the third is alkaline foods, and the fourth is foods containing acetylcholine and ribonucleic acid.
Such as egg yolk, containing the necessary nutrients of brain cells such as yolk, can bring vitality to the brain, and fully improve the working efficiency of the brain, as well as walnuts, which contain protein and calcium, often eat the role of brain health and puzzle;Zinc can cause children’s inattention, and even more severely cause ADHD in primary school; iron deficiency can make children tired, fatigued, and apathetic.
  The nutritious foods that make children smart are: eat more fish, egg yolks, shrimp skins, laver, kelp, lean meat. Eat animal viscera such as pig liver, animal brain. Eat vitamin C-rich fruits such as oranges and apples every day.Or soy products eat mushrooms 1-2 times a week and eat more bananas, carrots, spinach and milk. It is best to use taurine-containing formula for children, not malted milk.
  If your child is picky about partial eclipse, that’s most important.
  Corrective measures: Diet educate parents to lead by example, encourage children to try new foods, mix new foods with favorite foods, and add balanced nutrients.
  Today’s children face the pressure and expectations of learning earlier than before.
Therefore, during this period before the age of 7, the nutritional support of the body will determine the child’s mental intelligence and physical condition throughout his life, otherwise the child will miss a very critical period of mental and physical growth in his life.