Lu Menglin had already passed through the middle of the base in an instant,Rise first,Then like a cannonball,Straight down in front of the Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu。

The two are separated by a space of more than ten meters,Remote view,The two eyes collided fiercely。
“I’m coming!”Lu Menglin raised his head,Speak loudly。
At this moment,Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu frowned,Looking at Lu Menglin below with disgust,Then shook his head:“I’m not calling you!”
Finished this sentence,Tu Chanchun arrived here,After listening to the words of the Great Lord,Suddenly look dumbfounded。
“Did he call me?Shouldn’t!Brother, am I not a small role??”Tu Ching’s eyes became a little confused,Seems to be thinking about something that I can’t figure out。
Lu Menglin was also stunned on the spot,Why do you feel a little tiger?They didn’t call you,What are you doing eagerly?
At this moment,On the hillside about 1,600 meters away from the three,Suddenly an aircraft took off,The tail flame passed through the air,Flew to the front of Jiang Chuyu。
This is an ultra-era single soldier aircraft,The round cockpit can only accommodate one person,Inside the translucent glass cover,There is a beautiful woman with short hair,Smile like a flower,The charm still exists,Su Yi herself。
Chapter 825 The way home
Su Yi suddenly appeared here,Suddenly, Lu Menglin and Tu Lingtong became nervous。
but,The two of them quickly realized,Su Yi dare to show up alone,Surely,otherwise,It’s not she who came to chase and kill the Great Lord,But was devastated by the massacre。
“You two are pressing hard,Do you have to take my life??”Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu slowly got up,Speaking at Lu Menglin and Tu Lingling below。
Lu Menglin was slightly startled when he heard the words,He doesn’t want to deny,But I always feel something is wrong。
I had a fight with this great lord before,It was because the other party did it first,He and Aunt Su did not agree,What is the opportunity?,Then they started fighting somehow。
But after all,In fact, Lu Menglin and this great sage Jiang Chuyu didn’t seem to have any direct enmity.,It’s just environment,The feeling for Lu Menglin is that this person is a very powerful enemy,Exclude this person,In the future。
Tu Ching said Lu Menglin did not say a word,Decisively shout:“Jiang Chuyu,The secret medicine group in your hand has harmed countless people,Stir the wind and rain everywhere,And those apostles,All are monsters,Treat people like grass,Kill without blinking。Today we are going to walk for the sky,Kill you!”
obviously,Tu Chunchun was worried that Lu Menglin could not make up his mind,Not strong,That’s why I said this,Pointed out the dangers of the secret medicine group,I hope he will not be merciless to the Great Lord。