“Ok!”The old man nodded:“rest assured,Since you are from the Tu family now,No one dares to treat you,Not even a union。”

Heard that,Xia Chenglong secretly relieved,At this moment, he is truly recognized by these guys,Can stay here safely。
Especially when he says he wants to be a strong person,Everyone nodded in satisfaction。
This seems to be my goal,In fact, I praise the people here for being so powerful。
As a good soldier,Must be able to master disguise,When reaching a new environment,Must be perfectly integrated into the role。
Don’t know let these guys know,What appeared at this moment was an existence like a god of war,What kind of expression will it look like。
“Kid,Speak,what do you want?”The Grand Elder asks again,“if you are willing to,I can give you the commercial street in the north of the city,It’s a good industry。”
Xia Chenglong bowed first and thanked,Speak second:“Thank you elder,But I can’t manage,I’m afraid I will disappoint you。”
“Hey~I have to learn everything,Waiting for you to gradually understand our Tujia,I’ll assign you other things。”
Since everyone said that,Xia Chenglong no longer refuses。
“Thank you elder!”
Tu Cancan’s eyes widened,A commercial street,That’s a lot of property,Just give the other party management,This is too domineering!
As for the elder, even the other elders next to him did not expect,But since I said,No longer feel embarrassed to say anything。