“Really?”Wang Shuai sees Chen Wenjin’s decision,Just let him go,Say:“I have a motorcycle,I borrowed you to drive back。”

“no need。”Chen Wenjin thought about trouble。
“Leopard,You drive him back。”Wang Shuai doesn’t actually say,Abao is also willing,But he said,Seems to be his heart,It seems to have nothing to do with Abao himself。
Xiao Xiao sees Chen Wenjin is going home,Just say:“Chen Wenjin,Let’s get together。I think it’s better to go home tonight,I have to talk to my mom。”
“Isn’t it?Xiao Xiao,I said I won’t go home tonight?”Said Wang Shuai,Looked at her suspiciously again,Look at Chen Wenjin again,Intentionally said:“You two made an appointment, right??If you want to date,No need to make excuses!Do you want to avoid everyone on purpose?”
Wang Shuai clearly said that he didn’t want Xiao Xiao to leave,Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao should go home tonight,Just say:“Don’t guess。Xiao Xiao said I really want to make some money,How can an improper child discuss with her family??You are anxious about her hurry up and play together,And don’t let her do her home work,Do you want the horse to run and not to eat the grass??”
“Good good,Can’t tell you!For a long-term plan,I have nothing to say,Then you don’t need to give it away,Borrow your motorcycle。If you are afraid of trouble,Don’t worry about returning back,Just take the time to let Abao drive me back。”Said Wang Shuai,Again:“Don’t refuse!I hate being rejected,Say again,I won’t let you go together。”
Wang Shuai is obviously ill-intentioned,Chen Wenjin asked Xiao Xiao:“It is safe to drive or not to ride a motorcycle,Do you have experience?”
If Xiao Xiao says he has no experience,Chen Wenjin has a reason,however,Xiao Xiao said:“Never sat,It’s exciting in watching movies,Want to try。”
There are three motorcycles in the garage,red,blue,white,Wang Shuai asked them to pick one。
Xiao Xiao chose red,Wang Shuai said there are not many cycling clothes,He said that the helmet did not wash and smelled,Chen Wenjin is not convenient to take home,They drive slowly,No need。Then I took the key to Chen Wenjin and said:“Take away Xiao Xiao,Would you please have dinner tomorrow noon。”
“Limited to our three Gaya Leopards and Little Fish。”Chen Wenjin knew that Wang Shuai would not let it go,I’m afraid he will pull a few cars tomorrow。
“stingy!Not atmospheric at all!”Wang Shuai sneered。
“Don’t treat guests casually,To show my sincerity when I’m willing to treat guests。”Chen Wenjin rides a motorcycle,Xiao Xiao sat sideways,Although not safe,But Chen Wenjin intends to drive slowly,It doesn’t matter。
Wang Shuai is unwilling,Said quickly:“Xiao Xiao, you can’t sit like this,Very dangerous,Very easy to be thrown out……Correct,Just like Chen Wenjin,Stay so far,Hug his waist,Don’t let it fall out easily。Slow down the road——”
See Chen Wenjin driving out,Wang Shuai raised his mouth and smiled。
Xiao Xiao sits behind,As soon as the car starts,She subconsciously hugged Chen Wenjin in shock,Tightly behind his back,For fear of throwing it out。
After the car ran up,She has purple hair blowing in the wind,For a time,She feels like a picture in a movie。
“Really scared。”