“Yes indeed!My brother said the same!Say this kind of match is delicious on earth!Haha!Come,Drink a cup!”Zong Huaichun toasted and laughed。

Liu Wenzhang shook his head and smiled bitterly,Only to toast。
The four of them just chat and drink,I drank three pots of dirty wine without knowing it,Ate seven or eight side dishes,Had a good chat。
Three rounds of wine,Dishes into five flavors,The four people on the table are already satiated,Hearty stage。
Zong Huaichun squinted his eyes and glanced at Huang Shaotian, who was tightly covered by the hat,As if made up a lot of determination,Raised his head and said:“Old friends,Since everyone is so in love,I won’t say anything about it,You go back with me,Eat and live,Until you find a job。how is it?”
“it is good!Thank you brother Zong。”Lu Menglin smiled,Agreed。
Of course he didn’t drink much,Can also tell,This kid,Saying good is not good,It’s not that bad,Maybe a little bit careful,But overall it’s pretty decent。
The most important thing for the three of us is to stay,Incorporate into Bairimen City,Hide it,Take care of the injury first,Take another picture。
So Wu Hao agreed,Liu Wenzhang will naturally not object,Huang Shaotian has no opinion。
“The three of you,What level?Tell me,I will help you arrange,See if I can find something better to do。”Zong Huaichun blushed,Shaking his head。
The three looked at each other,Can’t help being a little funny。
This guy with the last name,It’s only level 30 at best,But put out that he is very powerful,A gesture of getting everything done,In fact, I just want to show off my skills in front of the girl,This mentality,Tut,Actually pretty simple。
“My twenty-ninth grade,My sister 28th grade,Brother Liu is amazing,There are thirty levels。”Lu Menglin chuckled。
Zong Huai Chunyi listened to this,Immediately shook his head like a drum。
“No way,No way!The three of you are too weak!This strength,Can’t survive at Bairimen。You should follow me honestly!I’m about to break through the thirty-second level,I will cover you!”
“Tell you the truth!I cover this street!I am from Qing Mu Tuan,The whole Dongfang must give us the face of Qingmu Tuan。The head of my family appreciates me,Have a chance in the future,Introduce you guys,That’s the real big shot!”
Drink more and more wine,Brother Zong Huaichun said more and more。
He feels,Before drinking,He is from Bairimen,After drinking,Bairimen City is almost his。