Zhang Zhiqiang is hiding behind a flowerbed filling bullets,He admits to be careless tonight,But at the same time I feel that this group of people in Geng Old Wu’s hands is really hard to deal with。Thought four bodyguards、Two snipers,Plus two backbones of Asahi Fengtang,It’s more than enough to deal with Geng Laowu’s disciples and grandchildren,Even a bit wasteful,But the end result was that he was beaten as a polished commander。

The explosive power of the bald head named Wei Dahai is far beyond imagination,The fierceness of life is also rare in life,If it weren’t for Zhang Zhiqiang’s spirit of twelve points,,Maybe it’s overturned。
What’s more annoying is that the two little rascals in front of me are not fuel-efficient lamps.,He is sure that a person has been shot,But the opponent’s tenacity makes him helpless。The crossfire from the left and the right of the two people sealed the road firmly,I’ll really lose my temper for a while。
He decided to make a dangerous move,Go back to the front door and get in,Never let Geng Laowu run away,Otherwise this person will be lost。
Zhang Zhiqiang loaded the bullets,Fired a shot at the opponent’s invisibility,Then pull out。But haven’t run a few steps yet,I heard a loud shout in front,Like a thunder,Then came the sound of rapid footsteps on the ground,This is that Li Tianchou!Zhang Zhiqiang was thinking so,A dark shadow rushed over like lightning。
This guy’s momentum is wrong,Zhang Zhiqiang is extremely sensitive,Especially in this life-and-death battle,The opponent’s fast-moving figure makes him feel dangerous。He immediately raised the gun and shot,At the same time, Li Tianchou shot with his gun,Two bangs,Zhang Zhiqiang has already rolled aside,And Li Tianchou can’t avoid it,I rushed to the front in a few steps。
Zhang Zhiqiangqi,This is obviously contrary to common sense,The opponent was obviously hit,I didn’t even shake my body,What kind of weird skill is this?Can’t afford to think about it,He pulled the trigger again,But Li Tianchou suddenly disappeared,Like a ghost。Zhang Zhiqiang hears the wind,Another shot in the sky,But still missed。My grass,Really hell?There was a sudden panic in his heart,This is something that has never happened in years。
Two bangs again,Li Tianchou and Zhang Zhiqiang fired another shot,This time, neither of the two failed,Everyone fell to the ground by a guy。Zhang Zhiqiang endured the severe pain and rolled continuously,Try to keep away from Li Tianchou,This ghost that jumps around is terrible,Distance is the only smart way。
At this moment, his mind is in a mess,The cowardice I have never had before hits my heart,Don’t run away right away,I’m afraid I will lose my life here。Zhang Zhiqiang is very decisive,Before he got up, he shot twice at the place where Li Tianchou had fallen.,Then ran away without looking back,A few ups and downs disappeared into the darkness。
Actually Li Tianchou can’t hold on anymore,The weird energy obtained from the nightmare is at its end,He wants to catch up in consciousness,But the footsteps haven’t moved,Has been on the ground。
On the vast Gobi Desert,There is no sand at this time,Can’t feel the temperature。But Li Tianchou felt that his body was light and fluttering,No sense of weight。The surrounding scenery is slowly retreating,Explain that you are moving,The body seems to be supported by the air,He wants to struggle with his feet on the ground,But I can’t use any strength。Is it floating in the air??
Or i’m dead?If so,This should be the underworld,Except for the Gobi,,No scene,Where is the Naihe Bridge?Where is the legendary monster?Maybe still on the way,Li Tianchou comforted himself。
Finally drifted to the mouth of a canyon,Deja vu,The body is still at this moment。Li Tianchou tried to move his limbs,But the endless sense of nothingness makes him unable to do what he wants。After a lot of effort,He found that the only movable organ in the body is the eye beads,The sky is gray,Can’t tell if it’s cloud or fog。
suddenly,Li Tianchou found a pair of hollow eyes looking at him,Item without the slightest sign。There is black and white in the eyes,There is no light,like a statue,lifeless,It’s like two pieces of iron hanging in front of you,Very uncomfortable。
Look at each other for a moment,Li Tianchou finally remembered,The owner of these eyes is another Li Tianchou in the nightmare,How come there are only one pair of eyes left?Where is the body in the old military uniform?Could it be that he came here to play pranks?
“Your body was beaten to pieces,So my body is given to you。”Such a cold word suddenly came from the space,Li Tianchou almost jumped up。
“What are you doing again?Break the dream、Solve the mystery?I have already done my best。”Li Tianchou feels incredible,What flesh is not flesh?I really do braid?