Baocheng looked like Xu Lai Fu,Also or not dead。

“Hey-hey,Old village,I just want you to drink in the radio.,That is, people who have acquired vegetables in the village have been sold because of vegetable prices.,This time I came back to give the villagers to make a difference,Maybe everyone is not a lot,There are hundreds of pieces,If you have a lot of,Thousands of blocks,But this is all the money.。”
“certainly,No contract with us,We don’t recognize our vegetables,We recognize only before the contract with the river.,Can you get the money。”
Xu Laifu heard that there is such a good thing.,After all, his vegetables are sold to Li Hui.。
Most of the vegetables in the village have sold this boss in front of them.,And the price is not low,This makes him also have some envy.。
Because of this vegetable thing,The people in the village suddenly suddenly a lot of 100,000 yuan.。
“Hey-hey,Boy,Such a good thing, you said directly.,Still use this to give me a wine??”
This time,Bao Qingliang also knows Xu Laifu’s meaning.。
“Hey-hey,Old village,Your village’s vegetables are good,High price,I have earned more outside.,I am also more real.,I have earned too much.,I always feel that you are pit.,So I will compensate this time.,This wine is really not expensive.,Only two thousand pieces,If you don’t accept it, you will throw it.,But you should help me drink in the radio.,Still have to help but drink,After all, I will go to the house.,Tough。”
Xu Laifu heard that the other party is not coming to him.,I also laughed directly:“become,Then I will broadcast you now.。”
Say,Xu Laifu also took the other party’s village committee directly to broadcast in front of the microphone.。
Xu Laifu said three times,The villagers in Lianhua Village are surprised.。
No one wants to have such a good thing,And those who have not sold to each other vegetables,At this time, there are some regrets in your heart.。
Zhu Youfu is this situation.,Their vegetables sold to Li Hui Feng,Not sold to these foreign people。
“All the folks,Today, I will return it.,There is also something about telling you.,I hope everyone can promise。”
Chapter 655 Plan success
Baocheng Light makes a few people who follow themselves directly take the money from the suitcase.。
Put it directly on the table in the village community.。
When the money took it out,The people around them are also excited.。
After all, these money is given to them.,Especially this is going to New Year.,There is still such a good thing,It’s just a good sign。
Baocheng looked at the people of the village committee more and more,Also very high,The people who think that this ice and snow don’t have more people.,But it looks that he underestimates the charm of money.。
“boss,What do you say?,We will promise us will promise。”
Looking at the money in Baocheng,There are also people who have tied to the horse.。
“Hey-hey,I want to say very simple,It is also very simple to let you promise.,I also know that this village acquires more than me.,There are still many people who have sold others in the village.,But I am afraid of illness,So who sells me vegetables,How many vegetables have written,Then sign the handset,At first I thought, according to a greenhouse, a greenhouse, give you subsidies.。”
“However, some people’s greenhouses have high yields.,Some people are not high,So I think it will subsidize the weight of me vegetables according to everyone.,One thousand pounds of vegetables have additional subsidies for 200 yuan,So everyone has no opinion?”
Baocheng is very sincere,The person below heard the rich,Naturally, there is no opinion。
“no,You are also concerned about it.,boss,When are we starting?,I am selling five thousand pounds of vegetables.。”
Seeing the villagers of Lotus Villages without any questions,Bao Cheng is also awkward。
But the actual active thing is to play.。
He is also a laugh:“Don’t worry,Don’t worry,You rank your team,Soon, let’s start,I still have a thing,That is when I came to buy vegetables in the coming year.,I hope everyone can give me more vegetables.,After all, if I make money.,I will also give you,Take this,I feel that there are not a few bosses to do it as I am.。”
Bao Qingliang,Let the people below it a good。
“boss,You can rest assured.,As long as you come,Our vegetables are definitely sold to you.,No one is selling,A village is not。”
“Correct,A village is not。”