Say goodbye to skin discomfort and enjoy a refreshing autumn day


Say goodbye to skin discomfort and enjoy a refreshing autumn day

The study found that the skin is not a defensive organ, but also a psychological organ. Different mental states and emotions can cause a series of skin reactions.

In daily life, common conditions such as obscure and greasy skin are caused by stress, insomnia, and fast life.

Facts and science have proved that “depression” is both a psychological manifestation and a skin.

  And modern people are not only under the influence of various pressures, but also in a sub-health state of varying degrees.

Its own purification and metabolic balance system is damaged, and waste and toxins cannot be discharged, and various skin depression problems are also manifested on the skin. A dry face, heart, irritated skin, no luster, and absorption of any productEasily absorbed.

  Reason 1: Insomnia and stress cause old waste cells to lack power and cannot be replaced, thereby accumulating on the skin surface, affecting the permeability of the skin and preventing the penetration of hydrating ingredients.

  Reason 2: Stress can cause the body to respond emergencyly, supplying a large amount of energy to the brain and the cardiovascular circulatory system, and the skin will become dull and tarnished due to lack of nutrients.

  Solution: Gentle exfoliation treatment for one to two weeks can increase skin permeability and promote absorption and penetration of skin care products.

Combined with products with strong moisturizing ingredients, it absorbs water loss.

  Clinique CLINIQUE Seven Days Massage Cream Specification: 100ml Reference price: 250 yuan Recommended reason: Thoroughly remove aging dead skin cells in pores.

It has little irritation to the skin and can be used daily with obvious effects.

Contains fine particles.

It feels soft and has little irritation to the skin.

Skin feels brighter, more translucent, moist and more elastic after use.

  Netizens’ word-of-mouth: If you use the correct method, the effect is not good if you use it wrong. You can also use black makeup when you use it with makeup remover!

It is frosty. Pay attention to the technique when massaging. Do not rub it with force or it will hurt.
It can be mixed in the cleanser and moved, which is more comfortable to use.

The taste is natural and pure.

  Ou Minfu Dermina Pure Whitening Moisturizing Water Specification: 200ml Reference price: 205 yuan Contains pure vitamin C complex, inhibits melanin synthesis, dilutes existing melanin, and prevents skin from forming spots.

The skin is light and light, absorbs quickly, makes the skin clear, plump, soft and not tight.

Reach the best state to enter whitening care.

  Netizens’ word-of-mouth: fresh taste, good hydration effect.

When used in conjunction with other products in this family, the skin is significantly improved.

It just feels like it sometimes dries up after a while and needs to be replenished from time to time.

  Problem 2: Sensitive skin is more troublesome, sensitive, itchy, and red bloodshot.

Slight itching and redness may occur.

Especially the season change season, the sensitivity is more serious.

  Reason 1: The body fluid of a healthy person should be at Ph7.


45 (weak alkali state), while busy, reduced sleep and fast food will cause great harm to the body, and the acid-base balance inside the body is broken.

People with acid constitution are prone to fatigue, tinnitus, mental sensitivity and anxiety, and the skin’s resistance gradually weakens.

  Reason 2: The antioxidative capacity, repair function, and ability to cope with environmental changes of pressure muscles are significantly reduced. In addition, the shrinkage and incompleteness of the hydrolipidic film, ultraviolet rays and external harmful substances can easily penetrate into the skin and cause various sensitive symptoms.

The elasticity of the vessel wall is impaired, causing localized red blood vessels.

  Solution: Pay attention to the supplement of increasing fiber. Spirulina, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and soy products are physiological alkaline foods.

At the same time, the water-fat film is consolidated and improved to reduce external damage.

  Yiquan URIAGE Red Bloodshot Rose Essence Cream Specification: 40ml Reference Price: 264 yuan with red wine and green tea extract to strengthen the blood vessel wall.

Rose water, Yiquan natural isotonic hot spring water and dextran soothes the skin, slows skin edema and red bloodshot.

Green pearl powder can instantly reconcile redness, and can be used as a daily moisturizing cream for sensitive red blood skin.
  Netizen word of mouth: It has obvious repairing effect on sensitive skin.
After use, moisturizing cream works well.

For the dry weather in autumn and winter, it will feel very comfortable.

It is generally thought that it tastes good, so stick to it!

  Shiseido SHISEIDO Formula 14 is intensive care for skin that is unable to recover from normal care and has a poor ability to balance the internal environment of the muscles.

2 weeks to improve the severe skin damage caused by external stimuli such as seasonal changes, mental stress, aging, lack of sleep, etc., so that smooth, bright and elastic strong skin can be regenerated.

  Netizens’ word of mouth: Not only has a significant effect on moisturizing and degreasing, but also has unique effects on red bloodshot and sensitive skin.

Prices are on the high side, but really comfortable.

Keeps skin moisturized and refreshed throughout the day.

  Problems Three spots of wrinkles to add chaos and aging, a lot of fine lines, spots.

  When I woke up, my fine lines and stains were more noticeable than before, as if I was getting old for a few years.

  Reason 1: Unbalanced diet, increased stress, aberrations in body hormone secretion, and an increase in certain hormones cause cells to receive instructions to accumulate large amounts of sugar.

The sugar metabolizes collagen, which hardens and loses its elasticity, forming skin collapse and relaxation, which is the early manifestation of aging.

  Reason 2: Bad lifestyles lead to an increase in the skin’s natural defenses and an increase in oxidative damage, which leads to the formation of spots and accelerates the aging of normal skin cells.

  Solution: Both sun protection and anti-oxidation must be comprehensive in order to overcome resistance to royal external injuries.

Through massage, it promotes circulation, accelerates the repair speed of its protective ability, and restores the skin to its normal metabolic state.

  Shuizhi O H2O Facial Oasis Night Intensive Hydrating Mask Specification: 50ml Reference Price: 480 yuan?
H2O + Facial Oasis Night Intensive Hydrating Mask has a unique skin-cleaning mechanism of “purifying and removing turbidity → water moisturizing beauty → nourishment and rejuvenation”, which comprehensively addresses the “sub-healthy” state of the skin caused by turbidity and toxins induced by nervous environment during the day., And the resulting dryness, dry lines, fine lines, rough, lack of elasticity and gloss, so that the skin can abandon stress, restore health, and enjoy hydration and renewal in sleep.

  Netizen word of mouth: I feel very absorbent and quite comfortable.

Suitable for regular maintenance, the skin will be in good condition and the gloss will be good the next day.

Remember not to paint it too thickly, it’s an expensive waste!

  Problem 4: Big oils without face see people exuding too much oil, and acne is growing.

The skin is too oily and adult acne is always inseparable.

  Reason 1: Normally, the skin secretes oil to maintain water and oil balance, but suffers from stimuli that endanger healthy lifestyles, such as abnormal work schedules and irregular diets, which leads to hyperfunction of nerve endings in the sebaceous glands deep in the skin and the law of oil secretion is brokenA large amount of oil is transported to the skin surface.

  Reason 2: High pressure, troubled mood will produce wrong physiological signals, which will cause the hair follicle duct to be stimulated and overly keratinized, resulting in dead skin cells, leading to pores and becoming the culprit of all types of acne.

  Solution: Sleep before 10 o’clock to ensure that the liver detoxifies on time.

Controlling 5α reductase active ingredients can effectively reduce oil secretion.

Fruit acid and protease can exfoliate the aged cuticles and make the oil drain more smoothly.

  Dicui Shi DHC Anti-Acne Whitening Essence Specification: 60ml Reference Price: 168 yuan Acne is annoying, acne marks that are difficult to fade for a long time are even more difficult . DHC Anti-Acne Whitening Essence can improve the formed acneIt can also play a multi-functional skin care effect from the aspects of preventing acne, diminishing acne marks and increasing skin transparency.

Contains allantoin and other ingredients, effectively prevent acne and rough skin, inhibit excess sebum secretion and prevent pores from clogging.

  Netizens’ word-of-mouth: At the beginning there was not much effect, but after long-term use, the ends will be much cleaner and fairer.

It is also feasible as a toner.

It feels sticky and there is a lot of discomfort on the ends.

I’m used to it slowly, but it has no immediate effect on acne.