The first and second decoction are the best

The first and second decoction are the best

Traditional Chinese medicine is a common method for treating diseases with good results, but there are a lot of specialties about fried traditional Chinese medicine.

We all know that it is best to use casserole, casserole or enamel pot for frying Chinese medicine, and avoid iron pot.

Avoid reducing the active ingredients of Chinese medicine.

In many cases, in order to maximize the use of Chinese medicine, the first and second decoction are required. Then, how much is the best amount of liquid medicine?

Let ‘s take a look together: First of all, let ‘s understand some basic knowledge about fried Chinese medicine.

A dose of traditional Chinese medicine is formulated by multi-flavored medicines, and the performance of each medicine is different. Where noted: 1. “Fry first” must be fried for 15 minutes before adding other medicines.

  2. The “back” should be before the medicine is cooked 5?
Put in 10 minutes.

  3, “Fried fried” those who need to wrap with a cloth bag and then add to the pan and fry.

  4, “melt” those who add to the fried medicinal solution with a little flame to transform and dissolve.

  5, “Chongfu” medicine is delivered with fried medicinal solution.

  Head decoction and second decoction. When one tea cup is appropriate for the decoction, add cold water over the medicated surface 1?
2 Horizontal fingers, soak for half an hour, its active ingredients are easy to fry.

After boiling over high heat, fry over low heat for 20?
After 30 minutes, the filter residue is ready for use.

Decrease the amount of water for the second decoction. Fry for 15?
20 minutes.

  Different herbs have different cooking times.

Drug wholesalers should fry more 5?
10 minutes; nourishing medicine can be cooked for 40?
60 minutes; should the heat-clearing and antipyretic drugs be fried for 5 less?
10 minutes.

The amount of the medicinal solution for the first decoction and the second decoction should be about one tea cup in total.