Focus on sub-health of professional men

Focus on sub-health of professional men

There are always many endless topics among white-collar workers, and the health care of office workers is always an eternal topic.

So let’s walk into male white-collar workers today to see how they should take care of themselves?

  The biggest feature of office workers is that they work at the same time every day, sitting in the office and typing on the keyboard almost every day.

Many office workers sometimes feel dizzy, and those symptoms are fine after returning home.

In fact, these symptoms caused by the work environment, uncomfortable office environment and the display screen every day caused the sub-health of the body.

Along with these symptoms, his temper becomes very irritable.

You will also find that you often have sore eyes, cervical pain, tinnitus, etc. These are some of the most sub-health states of office workers.

  There are different levels of environmental pollution in office buildings in many cities, and air quality directly determines human health.

For men in the workplace, it is recommended to take part in outdoor sports more, use the lunch break to walk outside the office, ventilate, take a walk.

  In fact, after everyone reaches a certain age, the waist will gradually degenerate, and it becomes a degenerative change and injury with different strengths and strains of physical fitness.

Men should pay attention to waist protection in ordinary work, and “back injury” is now very prevalent among many professional men.

Pelvic injuries can be caused by normal exercise or moderate exercise.

  In addition, for men who have been sitting in the office for a long time, this waist muscle is overloaded, and the waist muscle tissue of such people is relatively weak and strong.

The heavy workload makes it very fragile.

For these people, we must participate in outdoor sports every day, but we must not determine the amount of exercise based on their physical fitness, not stubborn.

It is recommended to do sit-ups once a day, with slow movements, with an average of about 15 minutes per day.

  Sitting for a long time can also cause radiation to reduce the ability of the body, busy working hours often forget to drink water, but also develop a bad habit of urination; coupled with staying up late, the daily Mandarin language is too long.

These bad habits directly lead to reduced ability.

It is recommended that men with the above bad work and lifestyle habits should prevent self-protection in daily life, avoid drinking alcohol, eat less spicy food, avoid repeated cycling and sedentary, pay attention to local health, drink more water, and avoid 憋Pee.

Extreme bad habits can make you have a healthy and happy family.

  We should give warning to those who have a bad time schedule and irregular lives.

Go to bed very late every day, leading to problems such as lack of sleep, endocrine disorders, memory loss, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

We recommend that you have a good schedule and adjust your biological clock.

You should ensure that you have sufficient nutrition every day. You can eat more vitamin C or collagen-containing foods at dinner, such as fruits and skins.

Do not eat spicy food, drink less alcohol, mix more freshly squeezed fruit juice and eat more soy products.

  If you do not control and adjust your schedule in a timely manner, it will seriously affect the health of male white-collar workers.