then,Fang Ru asked:“Hu Ge,This Yu Ruyi,Very valuable, right??”

other people,All prick up their ears。Especially Huazi who is more familiar with Populus、For Lin Shaofen and Zhang Qingliang,,In their impression,Can make Brother Hu pay a million,Really rare。
Hu Yang smiled:“Ok!not bad。You see,This jade ruyi crank light element,Only the end of the crank is carved with a bat,Extremely skilled,Smooth lines,It is a typical jade carving style of the palace of the middle Qing Dynasty,There is a living ring under the bat,To tie the ears。”
In addition,Yuruyi’s first side has a Ruyi moire border around it,The inwardly carved and embossed frontal volume of the dragon through the clouds,Dragon head frontal luminosity,Straight double corners juxtaposed at the top,Glared,Eyelashes with serrated eyelashes,Hair on cheeks flies to both sides,Long beards in the mouth flow forward,Coupled with the image of grabbing beads with a wide nose and teeth,The frontal dragon head is undoubtedly an inviolable heroic posture。
“This carving,Except the court,I’m afraid the folks don’t dare to do this,Not everyone dares to use dragon patterns。and so,This should be the treasure of the Qing palace。of course,Not necessarily used by the emperor,It may also be an item that the emperor gave to his courtiers and senior officials。but no matter,It must be a rare jade ruyi。”
Hu Yang thought for a while,Estimated at around 10 million。
“of course,This is my estimate。Just now,The old man hasn’t seen through,Otherwise, he couldn’t just let me so easily。”Populus added。
Everyone listened,stunned,Especially Ge Pingping。Don’t say ten million,Two or three million,It’s also a big leak!
Tens of millions,He just heard such rumors,I haven’t seen it with my own eyes before。did not expect,I saw it today。
“one thousand……More than ten million?”He feels his tongue is getting knotted。
On the contrary, Hua Zai quickly calmed down,Anyway, it’s not the first time Brother Hu has picked up a big leak,More exaggerated than this time,Ten million is nothing, right??
It’s just that Yu Ruyi is so valuable,It’s a little unexpected。
If this is to let the uncle know,I’m afraid the stalker has to go back?After all, one million and ten million,That’s a far cry。
And the audience in the live room,See the horror of Brother Hu again。
Just now,They have a hunch,This will be a very valuable treasure,Actually worth tens of millions,No wonder Hu is willing to give a million to that person。
Ge Pingping was thinking,Such a big thigh,Must hold today。
Antique life,Maybe you can reach the climax today。He didn’t play this business for three or two years,It’s been some years。but,Really miss,Very limited,Not to mention the big leak。
The big leak in his eyes,It’s not how many millions of Populus,How many tens of millions。One hundred and eighty thousand,In his eyes,It’s also a big omission。
I am ashamed to say,Playing for so long,Pay more tuition,The best time to miss,Just made 50,000 or 60,000,He boasted crazy for a whole year,Family, neighbors and friends,I’m afraid I can hear the psychological shadow。
“You guys,In addition to the gambling box,What else is fun?”Zhang Qingliang couldn’t help asking。