After all, Van Gogh and other world-class painting masters,They have all heard of,I have never heard of this before Katsushika Hokusai。But Brother Hu told them,Van Gogh is a fan of this Katsushika Hokusai,That’s too much?

“Don’t look like this,This person is also the only Japanese among the 100 celebrities who influenced the world in the millennium。visible,The reputation is still quite big,It’s just that we treat the Japanese with a different sentiment,To selectively ignore this country and its people。”
Nothing else,Japanese in science,Many Nobel Prize winners,But can we name a name?no?
Anyway, everyone’s attitude is:Japanese are not worthy of attention!
to be frank,Populus euphratica,Not much different from everyone。
The reason why I can tell the author of this painting,And know something about this painter,I noticed it during tuition not long ago。
Objectively evaluate,This Katsushika Hokusai’s painting achievements are very high,His strong paranoia towards the odd distortions of reality,But it is beyond what people understood at the time,Only in modern art can it resonate。In this sense,His art is beyond the times,Modern art before modern art。
“You may not know,Katsushika Hokusai is a Chinese fan painter himself,Like Journey to the West and Water Margin。Because I like,So a lot of illustrations were drawn for these,Journey to the West printed as a picture book、Newly edited Water Margin Painting Biography。
during this process,Katsushika Hokusai continues to absorb the artistic strengths of ancient and modern Chinese painting,On the knowledge of Chinese painting techniques,Maturing。Creation Kanagawa surfing in front,Katsushika Hokusai has been studying Chinese painting for 60 years,Deeply influenced by Chinese painting。
therefore,Everyone saw such a picture,It’s nothing strange。”Hu Yang said。
Those who know the Japanese will find,In fact, many Japanese are Chinese fans。Journey to the West very popular in China、Three Kingdoms、Liao Zhai Zhiyi and other works,Also very popular in Japan。
In all surrounding countries,Japan may be the country that admires Chinese culture most。
Hu Yang reminded the boss:“sister,this painting,Can be won for less than 1.5 million。”
He doesn’t plan to shoot,Unless the price is very low,Large profit margins。But this picture,Anyone with a discerning eye can see that it’s not easy,Although I can’t tell the calendar,So the price cannot be too low。
“1500000?”Mrs. Le,Have begun to ponder,How to get it。
“If you sell it to Japanese,Two million is also possible。”Populus euphratica added。
The owner of the painting is a bit disappointed,No one knows the origin of this painting,Maybe know,But with the mentality of picking up cheap,Know it and won’t say it。
At this moment,Auction starts,Low reserve price,Only 50,000 yuan。
“One hundred thousand!”The Korean immediately bid。
Hu Yang and others were taken aback,This Korean speaks good Chinese,Compared to the winter melon in Guangdong and Guangxi,Putonghua with the smell of glass dross is good。