Before, it is digested blood sea.,Blood Sea Magic is handed by it and awakened a magical pass.。

【Incarnation outside(Really I self,I am super.,Everything is me)】
And the last time I am awakened‘Lucky’Same,This door‘Incarnation outside’Not simple,Far is not simple to furnish。
As for the Blood Sea Magic,Liao Wenjie is more clear than anyone,This missed fairy law is already,After entering the terrestrial realm, you will get together.,It’s just that he thinks.。
【Six days, Yinxiao(Northern palace,Never super life)】
Liao Wenjie bowed,Just thinking about something bad,Suddenly in the eyes,Four-way octaves cave corners fly out of ancient mirror。
Hungerous mirror。
Ancient mirror hanging in Liao Wenji,A white light soul flying out,Nearly 10,000,It is a repair that is imprisoned by chase and blood demon。
These souls are fragile,Continuously by two major magic heads,It is the shape of the wandering in the wind。
They are pair in Liao Wenjie,Or 鞠躬,Or arched,More five-body betting,Although you can’t say,But use a variety of ways to express your gratitude。
“Don’t worship,I am also a Dudao Bodhisattva.,Moreover,Saving you is also a moment,Just, I have this ability again.。”
Liao Wenjie poses,Montenegro mask,Open channel leading to this world,Hulan Road:“move,There are not much time.,Hurry and queue,Strive for a good tire,Is there any money in the home?,Skin must choose,Handsome and beauty is a lifetime.。”
The soul is also a Thank you.,After two hours, I just walked.。
Liao Wenji looked at the ovisury,Hand palm, invitation,Hao Tianjing backs after counting,Bao mirror,Don’t want to leave him。
Liao Wenjie has a higher level of beautiful mirror,Hao Tianji is not willing to abandon the dark investment.,Run your hand and hold the star.。
Just a few days,The Lands and Mountain Struggles changed again,First, Xuan Tianzong gives up the position of the 嵋嵋嵋,Hand over Danchenzi,There is Xuan Tianzong re-Kunlun,Take away from Li Yingqi to the disciple from 嵋。
Wutai,Respect for the heart,Realm soaring,Flying over the upper world。
As for the upper strength of white eyebrows,Found is found,I lost my land,Take away by Xuan Tianzong,Chengshan Mountain, Kunlun。
“This is the case,You are going to find Xuan Tianzong,Still go to Danchenzi?”
Liao Wenjie looks to Haitiang,The latter is half air side,The top of the top of the gold。
Its ability,In the case of no owner,I can’t fly back alone.,Halfway will be‘Have a person’Take away,It knows that Liao Wenjie is a good person.,So seek help him。
“Also,Send you or not, there is no way,Go back to Wushan when I return.,There are still ten new cheats.。”
“Unfortunately, the respect will rise.,Otherwise with him to eat roast chicken,It is also a pleasure。”
“This guy is really fast.,Pretty female monks promised me have not given me yet.……”
Speaking of this Liao Wenjie to see Hao Tianji:“You this big baby,I sent you back to the top of the gold,Change a few sisters should be no problem.?”
Hungerous mirror:“……”
Because it is a mirror,Cannot use words to ridicule Liao Wenjie,Therefore, take the face of his face.,Let him understand the meaning。
“Don’t,I know my most handsome!”
地 山 灵 气,Ideal for cultivation,Liao Wenjie stole five mountain,Go to the surroundings of other hills to stroll a circle。
Before and before,This time is very secure,Didn’t give anyone。
Return your own world during the period,Take a total of half a month in the mountains.,Some spirits were collected in the mountains,This is taken away in three years.。