She looks at the back,It is also very complicated in the eyes.。

Some things she didn’t want Li Hui to fall in.。
In this way, it seems to be the best part to separately。
But she didn’t know that she thought that he was accompanied by Li Hui’s eyes.。
Dawn is also going to find Li Hui in the morning of the morning.,As a result, Li Hui is not in the hotel.。
I also called the other party immediately.。
When I saw the spirit of Li Hui Hui,Dawn is also no two words,Directly took Li Hui Feng to the military area。
“Li big brother,This time, let me do what I do.?
Just teach a few people?”
“Correct,You don’t accept your people, you will be fine.,Other don’t have to manage。”
Dawn, laughing while driving。
Li Anti-style is that it is not so simple.。
“Hey-hey,Li big brother,At that time, they should not be ignored.?”
“rest assured,Will not,Who do you take us?。”
soon,Li Hui Feng is brought to the military region special war。
And Dawn is directly with Li Hui’s way to enter a closed training camp.。
soon,Li Hui Feng This is not wearing military uniforms, it has attracted a lot of people’s eyes.。
“What look?
Haven’t seen men or what kind of?
Tell you,This is what I invited to pack your existence.。”
“cut,We can pack our appearance of this thin Baba.?
Not me blowing,Let him win one hand, he can’t win.。”
Li Hui listened to this provocative discourse,There is no speech。
Dawn, I admire Li with the wind.,However, it is not a place where you can hide.。
“Lee brother,People are so provocative,Are we also showing a little thing.?”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng knows that this time, it is also giving glory.。
Immediately don’t talk,Directly took off the jacket of your body。
moment,The muscles on the arm are also naked.。
Shoulder,abdomen,Bone muscles are perfect,But Li Hui Feng is slightly running.,These muscles can be instantly charged。
However, Li Hui felt that these people don’t have to deal with these people.。
“Boy,Muscle is good,Just don’t know if it is really possible to resist。”
Li Hui Feng directly puts out an ancient Taiji scenery。
“I don’t have a unknown generation.,Newspaper name,A strike to solve you。”
Current strength,Li Hui has a confidence of the enemy。
But this is to let Wang Yong angry.。
“hehe,Good one is not a unknown generation,Congwei arm boxing,Please advise。”
Say,Wang Yong also puts an ancient posture。
Li Hui Feng did not expect that someone will master the past ancient Wu.。
But for him, it is still a flawth.。