Tightly seize the consciousness of the China National Community, this main line accelerates the high-quality development of the Jilin national work in the new era.

  On the 1st, the National Work Conference of Jilin Province was held in Changchun.

The Provincial Party Secretary Jing Junhai attended the meeting and speaking. He emphasized that the general secretary of Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving national work, comprehensively implement the spirit of the central national work conference, and firmly grasping the main line of cultivating the Chinese nation’s community, unifying ideological understanding, condense the strength, speed up Promote the high quality development of Jilin nation in the new era. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Han Jun hosted the meeting.

  After being fully affirming the results of the province’s national work since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Jing Junhai pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central National Work Conference, in-depth analysis of the new situation facing the current party’s national work, clear The guiding ideology, strategic objectives, key tasks, policy initiatives, and practical requirements, strategic objectives, key tasks, policy initiatives, and practical requirements for the advancement of the national work of the new era of the Chinese nation, and the maintenance requirements are indicated, and the direction of our work is indicated.

  Jing Junhai emphasized that doing a good job in the national work of the new era, it is a solid foundation for continuous promotion of Jilin revitalization. It is an urgent need to effectively safeguard national security. It is an inevitable requirement for consolidating and developing equality unity and helping a harmonious socialist national relationship. Better protection of common prosperity goals.

I have to solidly promote the construction of the Chinese nation, and guide the people of all ethnic groups in the province to firmly establish the right national view, historical concept, ethnic view, cultural view, and religion. Second, we must continue to promote high-quality development in ethnic areas, in-depth promotion of the city’s enrichment, support the development of the industrial development, promote the docking of national regional strategies; carefully do a good job of integrity, and constantly consolidate the national unity and enhance national affection. Third, we must promote the extensive exchanges between all ethnic groups, and in depth, we will continue to carry out the creation of national unity and progress, and promote all ethnic masses to watch help, and the hand is deep. The four must improve the level of national affairs governance, adhere to the national regional autonomous system, improve the national work law system, and strictly manage national affairs in accordance with the law.

The five must resolutely prevent major risks in the national fields, and earnestly maintain national unity and border stability. Jing Junhai requires that the party committees and governments at all levels in the province must further strengthen and improve the comprehensive leadership of the party’s national work, pay attention to the implementation of the responsibility, build strong grassroots organizations, strictly assess the effectiveness, create a unachable cadres, to ensure each The policy initiatives have been implemented, seeing effective. Han Jun stressed in the host, to study the importance of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving national work, firmly grasping the main line of cultivating the China National Community, insisting on grasping the national relationships, treating national problems, doing Good national work, comprehensively implement the party’s national policy, refine solidification work initiatives, manage national affairs according to law, summarize the promotion of national work experience, support national border areas to accelerate development, build all national spiritual home, unity leading The people of all ethnic groups in the province have struggled to build a comprehensive socialist modernization of new Jilin. Fan Ruiping, Wu Jingping, Hu Jiafu, Tian Jin Chen, Shi Yugang, Li Yue, Zhang Zhong, Zhang Zhijun, Zhang Enhui, He Dongping, Adong, Cao Yunguang, Xu Jiaxin, Yin Yuling, Prince Dian, An Guiwu participated in the meeting.

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