CITIC Bank Luoyang Branch: With "temperature" with heart service

A few days ago, CITIC Bank Luoyang branch received a call, asked if the counter can act on a password reset and upgrade the Class I card business, and the staff inform the client in principle, I need it to come to the outlets.

The customer listened to the emotional excitement, telling the staff to have a loan in the Loyang branch of CITIC Bank, the last repayment period, because the bank card password is forgotten and has been locked, and the loan must upgrade the bank card to the Class I card, otherwise Will be overdue, and its family is older, currently in hospital in hospital, 16 o’clock on the same day, I can’t go to the bank to handle the business, so I want to handle it. After the staff understands the situation, report the accounting manager. If the accounting manager verifies the information, it will respond to customer needs, quickly check the various systems of the General Branch of the CITIC Bank, and quickly inform the customer according to the "Notice on the Identification of Retail Business Customer Customer Customer". This business is only for himself.

However, in view of the customer’s emergency special affairs, CITIC Bank Luoyang Branch staff can provide on-site service. I learned that the customer’s medical treatment is more than 40 minutes drive from the outlet. The staff is anxious, and the whole body disinferential sterilization during the epidemic. It has not been eaten and immediately carries out the extension equipment, at 13:20 on the same day. Go to the hospital ward building to see customers. After verifying and signing confirmation, the customer’s willingness is confirmed, and successfully handles the business, and then guides the customer to return the loan through mobile banking.

Customers said that they did not expect such a very long period, such tricky problems, CITIC Bank can help them solve them in just 2 hours, customers and their families praise CITIC Bank. CITIC Bank Luoyang Branch has been adhering to "there is a temperature of bank" as the service tenet, adhering to the "transparent thinking, useful service" concept, and establish a perfect service emergency plan at the outlet, actively simulate various difficult circumstances, and repeated drills, strive All – round improvement service is active. (CITIC Bank Luoyang Branch Zhang Mingyi) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.