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) Directly related to national security, national defense safety;) directly related to public safety, public health, major public interests;) directly related to crime investigations, prosecution, trial and judgment;) For maintenance of you or other individualsLife, property, etc.Channels, government information disclosure;)) According to your requirements for signing and fulfilling the contract;) If the security and stable […]

2025 Total Ban Heilongjiang Province, de Express Delivery-industrie Niet-afbreekbare plastic verpakking

Originele titel: Koerierindustrie in onze provincie Een totale verbod niet-biologisch afbreekbare plastic verpakking, de provincie Heilongjiang, acht afdelingen gezamenlijk de "Heilongjiang-provincie, om de transformatie van groene verpakkingen uitdrukkelijk meningen te versnellen" (hierna "mening" genoemd), Specifiek 2025, de provincie Heilongjiang, uitgebreide niet-afbreekbare plastic verpakking, koerierverpakking in principe groene transformatie. Er wordt gemeld dat deze provinciale ontwikkelings- […]

Qingdao enrollment enrollment has a network of more than 20,000 parents to achieve zero errands

  This year, the Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau has been deepening the "venting service" and "a good office" reform as the starting point, organizes a matter of "Compulsory Education Enrollment", and vigorously promotes the recruitment of data entry enrollment process, breaking the department data sharing bottleneck, Achieving the city’s compulsory education enrollment registration (including small promotion, […]

Chongqing continues to carry out mental disorder community rehabilitation service pilot

  Recently, in the first batch of municipal spiritual disabilities in the city, one of the Shuanglong Lake Street, Yubei District, and more than ten mild spiritual disorders are in doctors, nurses, and social workers to participate in stacking clothes. Self-care training. In order to reduce the burden of patients with mental disorders, prevent mental disorders […]

Party representative style Zhu Ke: Optimize energy structure, take measures and help "double carbon" goals

Zhu, employee, employee of Xiangtan Power Supply Company. The respondent is a map of the people’s online Changsha, November 26th, "When I was elected as the provincial party representative, I was very glorious, and I was deeply responsible." "The 12th Party Congress of Hunan Province, the National Network Xiangtan Power Supply Company employee Zhu Ke […]

The Working Group of the Joint Working Group Working Group went to Yunnan Dali to guide the earthquake relief work.

People’s Network Beijing May 24th (Wang Renhong) On May 22, the Water Conservancy Department sent a working group to arrive in Yunnan Dali to guide the water and earthquake relief. According to reports, the Water Conservancy Working Group and Yunnan Provincial Water Resources Department, Dali State Water Affairs Bureau will conduct consecutive business, put forward […]

Taigu District is guaranteed by "three major activities" for the peasant harvest.

  Original title: [Qingfeng seasons party -2021 China Farmers Fengchao Festival and the 7th China (Shanxi) Characteristic Agricultural Product Trading Expo] Taigu District is "three activities" to ensure the guarantee of September 17, the reporter from Jin China’s Taigu District learned that in 2021 China Farmers Fengchao Festival Shanxi celebration, the 7th China (Shanxi) special agricultural […]

Zheng said that the ancestors shook their heads。

Northern Dynasty Survival Record NS1244chapter Program justice(superior) “Mr. Zheng Lao,What do you mean by saying??” Tiger Congwei City Sony,Gao Biyi gave Zheng Zu to a cup of tea,Then asked very well。 Just Zheng Yu Zu said,High-rise,Nothing to Zheng,This is enough to be deep enough.! “Greater host,Southern,Daughter married,Splashing water。Zheng Tai car is not the person of […]