Zheng said that the ancestors shook their heads。

Northern Dynasty Survival Record NS1244chapter Program justice(superior) “Mr. Zheng Lao,What do you mean by saying??” Tiger Congwei City Sony,Gao Biyi gave Zheng Zu to a cup of tea,Then asked very well。 Just Zheng Yu Zu said,High-rise,Nothing to Zheng,This is enough to be deep enough.! “Greater host,Southern,Daughter married,Splashing water。Zheng Tai car is not the person of […]

Students in San Maria Middle School come out,Like the plot in the TV,In the critical moment, the pool city will rescue Qin Zhu in a timely manner.,Let the young girl in the beginning of love is a small deer。

Chi Tiecheng left Qin Zihu to the safe place,At this time, Qin Zihu remembered that I forgot the name of the benefactor.。 Qi Rui saw Li Xiaoyu:“Gorge,I am not light, let you protect the students of Jiren University.,Let our comrades try to protect students from other schools.,To let the students know that there are a […]

Zhang Zhiqiang is hiding behind a flowerbed filling bullets,He admits to be careless tonight,But at the same time I feel that this group of people in Geng Old Wu’s hands is really hard to deal with。Thought four bodyguards、Two snipers,Plus two backbones of Asahi Fengtang,It’s more than enough to deal with Geng Laowu’s disciples and grandchildren,Even a bit wasteful,But the end result was that he was beaten as a polished commander。

The explosive power of the bald head named Wei Dahai is far beyond imagination,The fierceness of life is also rare in life,If it weren’t for Zhang Zhiqiang’s spirit of twelve points,,Maybe it’s overturned。 What’s more annoying is that the two little rascals in front of me are not fuel-efficient lamps.,He is sure that a person […]

“Yes indeed!My brother said the same!Say this kind of match is delicious on earth!Haha!Come,Drink a cup!”Zong Huaichun toasted and laughed。

Liu Wenzhang shook his head and smiled bitterly,Only to toast。 The four of them just chat and drink,I drank three pots of dirty wine without knowing it,Ate seven or eight side dishes,Had a good chat。 Three rounds of wine,Dishes into five flavors,The four people on the table are already satiated,Hearty stage。 Zong Huaichun squinted his […]

“Really?”Wang Shuai sees Chen Wenjin’s decision,Just let him go,Say:“I have a motorcycle,I borrowed you to drive back。”

“no need。”Chen Wenjin thought about trouble。 “Leopard,You drive him back。”Wang Shuai doesn’t actually say,Abao is also willing,But he said,Seems to be his heart,It seems to have nothing to do with Abao himself。 Xiao Xiao sees Chen Wenjin is going home,Just say:“Chen Wenjin,Let’s get together。I think it’s better to go home tonight,I have to talk to […]

“Ok!”The old man nodded:“rest assured,Since you are from the Tu family now,No one dares to treat you,Not even a union。”

“call……” Heard that,Xia Chenglong secretly relieved,At this moment, he is truly recognized by these guys,Can stay here safely。 Especially when he says he wants to be a strong person,Everyone nodded in satisfaction。 This seems to be my goal,In fact, I praise the people here for being so powerful。 Forever,Flattering! As a good soldier,Must be able […]

Lu Menglin had already passed through the middle of the base in an instant,Rise first,Then like a cannonball,Straight down in front of the Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu。

The two are separated by a space of more than ten meters,Remote view,The two eyes collided fiercely。 “I’m coming!”Lu Menglin raised his head,Speak loudly。 At this moment,Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu frowned,Looking at Lu Menglin below with disgust,Then shook his head:“I’m not calling you!” Finished this sentence,Tu Chanchun arrived here,After listening to the words of the […]

Fuling mustard (002507): Cost dividends continue to look forward to sinking channels

Fuling mustard (002507): Cost dividends continue to look forward to sinking channels Fuling mustard revenue growth in the first quarter reported3. 8% / 35. 2%, revenue increased slightly, cost staggered dividends continued to increase performance. Looking forward to the next few quarters, the company worked hard to promote channel sinking, and its efforts exceeded the […]

Huaxia Happiness (600340) Company Comments: Land Contribution Actively Increases Proportion in Non-Beijing Regions

Huaxia Happiness (600340) Company Comments: Land Contribution Actively Increases Proportion in Non-Beijing Regions Event: On January 17, 2020, the company released a briefing on operating conditions in January-December 2019: the company will achieve 1451 in 2019. 5.9 billion, at least -11. 21%; sales area is 1183. 360,000 countries, at least -21. twenty three%. The insufficient […]