Chinese en buitenlandse media "万 万 行": getuige "Tibetaanse parel" Economy Leapfrog Development

  De foto toont "Tibetaanse parel" Changdu. Li Jiangning, de afgelopen jaren heeft Changdu de afgelopen jaren continu ge?mancipeerd en ontwikkelt en de productiviteit ontwikkelt, en de groeipercentage van grote economische indicatoren is gedurende vele jaren hoge groei blijven behouden, en het totale economische volume heeft haasfrog-groei bereikt. In 2020 was de totale productiewaarde van Changdu […]

Continental diving spendant to exchange

  This newspaper Taipei October 27th (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) Today, the mainland diving, the quotation of the tricks has conducted two performances in Kaohsiung, the exquisite skills of mainlanders, bringing unforgettable visual enjoyment to the island.The soul is touched.At the invitation of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, the vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic […]

The Jilin Provincial Party Committee issued a notice: deploying the representative of the 12th Party Congress of Jilin Province

Original title: Deployment of the 12th Party Congress of Jilin Province Recently, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Notice on the Election Work of the 12th Party Congress of Jilin Province", for the 12th Party Representative of the Provincial The General Assembly’s representative electoral work made a comprehensive […]

140 groups of families share a good time! Haikou Xiuying District 2nd Volcanic Culture Festival ended

Parent-child dinner. After the fun sports, the night is coming, the charcoal fire furnace has already been rugged, and everyone is on the fire furnace, open the parent-child cooking time, and the aroma of roast beef is filled the whole farm. Ms. Zhang, who is the same, to participate in the event, said: "When playing, […]

Sichuan Province launched 2021 "Quality Month" counterfeit and shoddy goods centralized destruction activities

The event launched the site. Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau for map September 10, September 10 Suining The Hindhouse, Deyang Set the Site. The event is mainly divided into two phases of no one. At the same time, there is a "counterfeit and shoddy commodity display area" and "publicity district", show "Tie Lei Action 2021" […]

Successful business round training course in the examination of primary hospital in the district procuratorial organ

This training followed the principal point of time, the content is rich in and flexible, and the experience of new and old prosecutors is highly promoted, and the theoretical literacy ability to enhance the grassroots prosecutor has played a large promotion.Li Xinyue, Li Xinyue, said: "This training not only enriches my theoretical knowledge, let me […]

still is?”

Although Zheng Mingshan has already guess,But according to Zhou Shengjie,He is just drinking three cups of tea.,If a few people do not have a bottle。 So will you still be young than Zhou Shengjie? Think of you can return to your youtern time,Even if I have experienced a lot of big wind waves, I also […]