Concentrateren voor kracht om ondersteuning te schrijven Nieuwe artikelen

In 2021 dacht onder leiding van China-karakteristieke socialistische socialistische in XI Jinping, onder de sterke leiding van het Partijcommissie van de algemene Gemeenschap, de ideologische en culturele voorzijde van de Partijcommissie, de ideologische en culturele voorzijde rond het midden, de algemene situatie van de dienst en ondernemen het Vlag, verzamel het hart, het onderwijs nieuwe […]

De eerste fase van het "Comité" wordt uitgezonden: Yang Weimin, het Permanent Comité van het Nationaal Comité van de Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference interpreteert de Central Economic Work Conference

People’s Network Beijing 23 februari, het programma "Comité Lecture Hall" gemaakt door het General Office van de politieke raadpleging van het Chinese Volksonderzoek, op 23 februari, op de website van het People’s Network, de offici?le website van de nationale politieke conserentie-conferentie officieel uitgezonden. De meerderheid van het nationale comité van de politieke raadgevende conferentie van […]

Bank of Communications Taizhou Branch: Serving elderly customers, fooled "financial housekeepers"

Property company introduces the housekeeper model to bring safe, convenient and enjoyment to the owners. Affected by this inspiration, the Bank of Communications Taizhou University City Branch creates a "financial manager" service management model in serving the elderly customer group. What is the household? A company to enter the store for the service; the maintenance […]

China Groep overeenkomstig Li Peibin "National Excellent Communistische Partij"

People’s Network Beijing 15 februari (Reporter Shengrui Wei) Het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China heeft besloten Li Pekin na te streven, de titel "National Excellent Communistische Partij". Li Peibin, Man, Han, Shanxi Yanggao County, geboren in september 1965, nam deel aan het werk in juli 1984, in november 1990, de partij, het […]

Chaoyang two-in-law campus and 16 school suspensions

At 0:00 yesterday to 11, the city added 4 cases of native new corona diagnosis, for the same family; diagnosed case trajectories involved four schools, including two-point disease-related campus and 16 related schools in Chaoyang District; confirmed cases Living in Tiantongyuan North Street, Changping District, Tiantongyuan North Second District, Tiantong Beiyuan Second Community upgraded to […]

Pingdingshan Weidong District: Advocating civilized dogs to build a civilized city

Civilized dog, and the public’s daily life is closely related to safeguarding urban environment and social public order, protect citizens’ health and personal safety, the Wei Dong District Urban Administration in accordance with the requirements of the creation of civilized cities, and the staff constitute a civilized dog group, concentrated in rectification Civilized dog behavior. […]

PK together with Jackie Chan! "Kung Fu Yoga" National Square Dance Competition to Changsha!

  "Kung Fu Yoga Dance" National Square Dance Competition is supported by the National Health and Sports Committee of the Ministry of Health, Yaolai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Health China DO – National Square Dance Competition Organizing Committee Undertake, CCTV, China Family News, China Sports News, Xinhua Net, People’s Network, CCTV, Iqiyi, China Enterprise […]

People’s Daily Focus on the New District of Qingdao West Coast, etc. Wood Dragon Boat Festival: consumption is full of energy

Dragon Boat Festival, catering, shopping, travel market to the good development of consumption and strong vitality, the core reading of the catering market, showing flourishing trends, online shopping demand is strong, new products in the tourism products continue to emerge … this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, the consumer market continues to restore Under the premise […]