CCB Tianjin Ninghe Branch launched the "small banking family Qingju dream" theme practice activities

In order to popularize financial knowledge, guide children to establish a correct consumption concept, recently, CCB Tiantin Ninghe Branch launched the theme practice of "small banking family Qingju dream". In the event, children visited the dotted cash area, the non-cash area, self-service area and other functional partitions, and experienced the number of tags.The staff explained […]

Chongqing City held a prevention and control of maternal and child health care institutions

On January 20th, Chongqing City convened the videobial health care organization’s epidemic prevention and control work video meeting, conveyed the spirit of learning the national winter and spring neoguan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work TV conference, and emphasized the current epidemic prevention and control, and then deployed. Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Party Committee […]

Airport Street held Yishan Miyi "chasing dreams to go green" MINI marathon activities

In order to promote the construction of international talent community, enhance the physical quality of the residents of the jurisdiction, advocate health science, low carbon travel life. Shunyi District Airport Street Working Committee, Office, You Mountain Mountain Community Party Branch and You Mountain Club on April 18, 2021, "Chasing Dreams, Green Mountain" Central Villa Zone […]

Do a good job in the addition and subtraction

Original title: Do a good job in adding and subtraction and submission of employment (achieving higher quality employment 4) Core reading is stable, promoting employment, many places, on the one hand, doing good additives, carry out skill training for new occupations, close to market demandDevelop corresponding talents; on the other hand, do a good job […]

Overseas Network Review: High-level interaction is often often, China – ASEAN is getting more

  Following the first half of this year, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Four Foreign Minister of the Philippines visited China, and Wang Yi, China State Council and Foreign Director Wang Yi visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, September 10th to 14th. This year is the 30th anniversary of China and ASEAN establish a dialogue relationship. Wang Yi’s Foreign […]

Shanxi: "Double" plan to speed up the promotion of national enterprises to enter the capital market

People’s Network Taiyuan November 10 (Sang Liyuan) "Accelerate the promotion of provincial state-owned enterprises to enter the capital market, continue to enhance the provincial state-owned enterprise asset and capital securities level." Today, the press release in the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office At the meeting, the Shanxi Provincial State-owned Bureau of Shanxi Province was interpreted. […]

Pudong released headquarters economic top ten classic sample transnational high-energy composite

Multinational high-energy complexed headquarters significantly increased Pudong’s top ten classic samples, multinational companies’ localized innovation more deeper ■ Our reporter Du Chenwei yesterday afternoon, the 7th Pudong Headquarters Economic Top Ten Classic Sample Release Activities In Shanghai International Convention Center Hold. In the past six years, the Pudong New Area has issued 92 headquarters sample […]

Qiong Island expert scholar is hot discussion on Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Law

People’s Network Haikou June 15th (Mao ", Li Xueshan)" Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Law "(hereinafter referred to as Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong France) is concerned, and in Qiong Island caused strong repercussions. Recently, the reporter interviewed many island experts in many islands on the relevant issues of Hainan Free Trade Port. The formal […]

“Are you afraid of cold?I only wear two clothes for cold?You can take it off,I search。”

“That won’t work,I’m not used to others touching me。You just want to know if we have something privately,I understand,I turned my pocket out to show you,OK??” Major Ji suddenly understood Chen Du a little,There are a lot of problems with this big boy,“You turn it over,Hem out,Bounce。” This is acceptable,Gan Yifan did it,Turn out the […]

Holy spirit,Stepped forward to lift Lin Zhentian up:“Uncle Lin,We don’t have to be like this,No outsiders!”

Although the Holy Spirit said so,But Lin Zhentian didn’t dare to do anything to go beyond。 “This is necessary etiquette!” The Holy God shook his head helplessly,No longer force。 “Uncle Lin,I’m straight to the point,Let you come this time,I need you to do me a favor!”The Holy Spirit poured Lin Zhentian a cup of tea […]