First2115chapter Thoughtful Xia Jian sat behind his desk,And said to Dragon Ball:“Come here,Tell me about the difficulties we have encountered so far,The key is the digital problem,Speak clearly” “The funds for land transfer are now short of more than 2.5 million,And the time given to us counts today only five days,But it’s basically over today。In […]

“Daoist of Life and Death,The more solid the foundation,The Tao tree becomes stronger and stronger,I realized the ultimate formation,In one step,No one can match me in this era。”Li Ming felt something。

Even the ultimate way,There is also a difference between。 Ultimate Way of Time and Space,Surely better than ultimate space。 The Ultimate Five Elements,Surely better than the ultimate water way。 Li Ming’s Array,self‘extensive’The highest degree。 Dao tree is getting thicker and taller,The roots of the tree continue to extend and penetrate into this golden core chaotic […]

“As a result, they determined that the person sent away is Zheng Yaoxian and Tan Lin.?”

“Be right,Now there is a problem in front of us,That is the Zheng Yao first,Moreover, careful medical care until two people can act,Who has this condition,I have to know that we can check the house.,It is also a patrol team.,It is almost impossible to transfer two wounded.,So we can conclude,Zheng Yaoxian and Tan Lin were […]

At a three-way intersection,Three people stopped。Grandpa Long Lu smiled and said:“The road in the middle is to the town,About thirty miles away,The left is going to my house,Still forty miles,And the right can lead to the national highway,Need sixty miles。I think they should stay on these two roads,At least one day”

“Makes sense,Or your analysis is right,Then I’ll go home with you”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。 The old man nodded,Go forward first,Xia Jian and Long Lu hurriedly followed。 When the sky gradually darkens,A village of dozens of people appeared in front of Xia Jian,Looking at the village in front of you,Xia Jianmeng thought of Xiping […]

“Thank you。”Qiangwei’s face is not so good,Still depressed and closed the door。

Not long,Her pager rang again,Li Xiang and Abao。 Rose saw,Li Xiang’s call is with Abao’s big brother number,So no reply。 When the weather is later,May come up and knock on the door。“rose,we are leaving,Will you go with us?” “I am asleep,Very tired,Don’t want to move。”Qiangwei sitting in the room,The sound is very tired。 “OK then,we […]

Talk about it,Hong Tairan stretched out his hands at the same time,Slapped them on the shoulders。

The three people on the battlefield are all venerable,No one of the spectators around is qualified to intervene,I can only watch this scene happen。 Lu Menglin frowned,Keep warning signs,Finally gritted his teeth,Jumped into the arena,Rushed to three people。 Talking late,Then soon!Hong Tairan stretched out his hand and patted Tu Chunchun on the shoulder,Palm to midway,Suddenly […]

“sorry,I can’t hold back。What an enemy this car has with you?Just repaired and had to return to the factory。”Brother Xiu looked around and said:“It looks okay,If there is no big problem inside,It didn’t take long。This is a rear-end collision?Fortunately。”

“Brother Xiu, please drag the car back,We were scared,Want to leave here quickly,talk to you later。”Wang Shuai is not in the mood to talk to Brother Xiu,The key is that the actual situation is not easy to tell others so much。 Brother Xiu looked at Chen Wenjin’s car and said:“Your car can be repaired at […]

Keep up,But actually saw the crying shadow。

This touched his heart for a while,Like feeling something,Just hug Xiao Nizi into his arms,he knows,right now,What Xiaolin lacks most is a shoulder,A shoulder to lean on。 “It seems,This little girl is under too much pressure!”Qin Feng said lightly in his heart。 I feel the fire in my arms,Charlene relaxes,But instead,But it’s getting tighter,This,who is […]

The car drove directly into Zhongnanhai,Only state-level officials can enter this place。So Qin Feng is here for the first time。of course,Once there is an important event to deal with,Even members who are not at the level will be brought in。Because the security measures here are arguably the best in the country!

When Qin Feng is taken to a hall,He discovered that there are many foreign faces here。 OK?Eight nations meeting?? Qin Feng counted,There don’t seem to be many people。 Because of Qin Feng,There seems to be only six people who can sit down。 of course,Each with a bodyguard,The head of Hua Guo is no exception。 “Qin […]

Yongxing Materials (002756) Company Review: Guaranteed Raw Material Supply Lithium Power Project Expected to Generate Considerable Revenue

Yongxing Materials (002756) Company Review: Guaranteed Raw Material Supply Lithium Power Project Expected to Generate Considerable Revenue Event On December 9, 2019, Yongxing Materials issued an announcement that the subsidiary Jiangxi Yongxing Special Steel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement with Yichun Mining and Huaqiao Mining. After the equity change according to […]