Director of the Hong Kong Security Bureau, Dang Bingqiang: Strengthening Prevention and Coping Terrorism

Original title: Director of the Hong Kong Security Bureau, Deng Bingqiang: Strengthening the Prevention and Coping of Terrorism Activities Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR Government Security Bureau Director, Director, on the 6th, said at the Legislative Council Security Affairs Committee, to strengthen the prevention and response to terrorism Activities, do every effort […]

Autonomous Region Food and Drug Administration held a regional drug production quality risk conference and some enterprises

At the meeting, the participating concerns were conducted at the participating companies. Wei Guanghui pointed out that the quality of drug quality is the basis of the survival of the company. It is necessary to fully recognize the relationship between safety and development, and perform the obligation of the first responsible person of the quality […]

Adhere to the judiciary to promote the high-quality development of judicial administration in the law of strengthening responsibility

  On the morning of July 9, Li Hongya, Vice Governor of Qinghai Province, gave a deep-in-law, the Command Center, Xining Prison and Palestinian Forced Detoxification Center, and visited the grassroots air police. Li Hongya pointed out that the judicial administrative organ is both a strong political agency and a strong political business agency. In 2020, […]

People’s Net Assessment: Ecological Protection Compensation System Lights Green Future

  Recently, China Office and the State Office issued the "Opinions on Deepening Ecological Protection Compensation System" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). This is another central level of the central level, which is issued in the field, continues to promote the construction of the ecological civilization system, and promote the construction of the ecological civilization system. […]

Tang Yun Ancient City Qiu Lingwu

Classic story This is an old land, has a long history and a deep cultural heritage. On this land, there are many natural levels and monoliths, which are derived from a variety of tourism resources.Here, the north Jiangnan cultural style and the history of the millennium counties are in one, and the urban characteristics of […]

The 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo is held in Shanghai

  On November 19th, the Third Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo was opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Despite the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition is still not reduced, and more than 1,000 exhibitors are more than 10% year-on-year. The exhibition also obtained the Global Exhibition Association […]

Sichuan explored the new power system operation management idea clean energy across province "mutual" to open "single mode"

Panorama of Deyang Change Stations. The National Network Sichuan Propaganda Department is mapped to the map "Two two ” works in ‘a day’, this is no precedent at home and abroad. "Zhu Tong used" Touching the River "to describe the behind-the-scenes of the flexible scheduling within Decheng DC." This is extremely high in real-time, technical, […]

Zhao Xiaoli said this,Let Li speak a little in the wind。

Especially the identity of the two,Directly from the scorpion big sister,This matter is passed out,So Zhao Xiaoli’s reputation will definitely appear crisis。 Originally Zhao Xiaoli took a long time because of the situation of Liu Dafu infertile.。 Now there is another pot,He really shielded。 What is it?,I am afraid I have a few people.。 “Hey-hey,Scull,Waiting […]

Even think,Even if Yin Kecy is、It is also very good to kill Zhao ignorant.!

But unfortunately,I can’t ask for a wish Duan Tianya’s martial arts,It is indeed weak Yin Kecy,However, Yin Kexi is a businessman.,Although the adventure is connected,Unison、Also have many treasures,Martial arts is not inferior to Nimo,But after all, still business people’s heart,Inevitable greed、Can’t stand the temptation,Unable to control Means of,Restriction of the method of mental guidance! The […]