ACFTU "May Day" press conference

Wang Xiaofeng: Members reporter friends, Hello everybody morning! Welcome to the ACFTU in 2018 "May Day" press conference. And today I would like to tell you about the situation with the ACFTU also Minister of Labor and Economic Work Department of Comrade Wang Jun governance. Today there are four main conference content, one is informed […]

2020 Media Social Responsibility Report uitgebracht

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 8 juli 2020, Media Social Responsibility Reportions Recent, officieel vrijgegeven. Dit is het achtste releasverslag in de ontwikkeling van het Media Social Responsibility Report System, en het aantal uitgegeven media is meer dan verdubbeld dan het voorgaande jaar. In 2020, verschillende media-diepgaande studie-promotie en implementatie van het Chinese karakteristieke socialistische denken […]

People’s Daily: Online music can be

Original title: Online music is available for (Yi Haiduan) online music platform is good at encouraging and stimulating user creativity, its interactive is naturally suitable for "user production content", users are not only consumers, but also promotes content production and communication "2020 China Music Industry Development Report" shows that China’s digital music industry has reached […]

Changsha High-tech Zone with standard regulatory transparency campus food

  From the field to the people’s dining table, establish a complete set of food safety systems is an important measure to protect the "tip safety". In Changsha High-tech Zone Campus Canteen, the space, spacious and tidy operation between the scientific partition, the clear account, the smart regulatory system should be preserved. Since Changsha City is […]

Southwest 5 provinces promote government affairs services cross-provincial

  This newspaper Chengdu, April 21 (Reporter Wang Yong War) On April 21, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet signed a "cross-provincial" cooperation agreement, five provinces and municipalities planned this year "cross-province "The list of matters, there are currently 148 items, involving the certificate of household registration, electronic monitoring and illegal treatment, basic pension insurance relationship transfer, […]

The 15th Xiang Taihui held: promoting cross-strait integration development in deepening exchange cooperation

  Recently, the 15th Xiangtai Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Cooperation (Xiang Taihui) and the first strait two-strait industry cooperation Yuelu Mountain Forum was held in Changsha, Hunan. This event is based on "deepening cooperation, integration development" as the theme, adopting the combination of online lines, inviting representatives of nearly 200 cross-strait parties to promote the […]

Qingshan District, Baotou City: Innovative mode measures to promote "double mining" work

In order to resolutely implement the "double reduction" deployment, Baotou City Qingshan District is active and accelerates the "double mining" work. "Double Reduce" 100th, the new model and new initiatives in Qingshan District in Baotou City have been working well, and the initial results of reducing students’ workload. Guangrung Road Primary School: Popularization of basic […]

“You Yin Yaozu,And you so-called female admirers,Please stop having unrealistic fantasies about my lady!”

I wish Minglang these words,Change the weak and weak text before,Standing among these people,He looks the same,Calm tone,It’s more overbearing! This is an oath,Swearing the Ownership of the Queen! Everyone was stunned! I thought there would be no shameless person like Zhu Minglang in this world,Who can think of him surpassing himself! “Little assistant,Sister support […]