De dertiende zitting van het nationale comité van de politieke raadgevende conferentie van het Chinese volk was in Beijing, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Kiji, Wang, Shanghai, Zhao Lexia, Han Zheng, Wang Qishan, zal Wang Yang feliciteren als het Permanent Comité van het politieke comité Consultatieve Conferentie, Zhang Qingli, voorgezeten over Liu Xincheng, een voorstel

Wang Yang wees erop dat 2021 een ori?ntatiepuntjaar is in de geschiedenis van het feest en het land. Volgens het sterke leiding van het Centraal Comité leidde het Nationaal Comité van de CPPCC en zijn Permanent Comité door het nieuwe tijdperk van de Chinese kenmerken van XI Jinping aan de twee belangrijke thema’s van de […]

Dejiang Qinglong: Special Research Deployment Ecological Environment Protection

Hesson of the Party Working Committee of the Street Party Working Committee to the Yuxi River patrol.The meeting requires that the streets, various communities (villages) should improve the political station, strengthen the responsibility, strictly promote the rectification of the ecological environmental protection feedback on the requirements of time nodes and work, ensure that the problem […]

US media: The Indian army restructuring the first maritime war area command

Profile picture: The Su-30MKI fighter will become an important force in the Command of the New Indian Maritime Avenue. (US Yahoo News Website) US diplomatic website published the article title "Indian New Maritime War District Command: Huge Leaps: Huge Leap" Upardiana. The article believes that the newly established "Maritime War District Command" will become the […]

The famous mathematician Wang Yuan’s death

  [Bright recovery] Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Yuan, a researcher of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invalid on May 14, 2021, died in Beijing, and at least 91 years old.   Wang Yuan, born in Jiangsu Zhenjiang, 1952, graduated from Zhejiang University Mathematics Department, after Chen Jiangong, Su Jiqing recommended to […]

Qinghai Province deployed the investigation and rectification of food safety risk hazards during the Mid-Autumn National Day

On September 18, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that Qinghai Provincial Government Food & Pharmaceutical Office issued a notice of food safety during the Mid-Autumn National Day, requiring all localities, departments in Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day Renovation work, strictly prevent strict control of various food safety risk risks, […]

Typhoon "Fireworks" upgrade Fujian Lianjiang is waiting

With the strength of "fireworks", Lianjiang County Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters launched Chen Jinsong according to Lianjiang County Party Committee on July 21, and the county party committee, the county party committee, deputy magistrate Wu Sibin around typhoon defense work. Emphasis: First to recognize the situation, do a good job in preventing typhoon […]

“Jackie,Your evaluation is too arbitrary.,I’m seeing me……Nonsence,What is the relationship between people??”

Liao Wenjie Xiangxun bumps,Suddenly found the rhythm,I really didn’t have a good airway:“I’m seeing me,Let’s go to the road.。” “Look again!” “Ok。” Two people are 嘀咕,Cuisa’s female clients detected that the pointing point,Frown:“Kusa,Your business is really good,Every time you come, you are not missing.。” “Hahaha,This time is not,The big nose over there is no,He is […]

“Old grandmother,Don’t worry,Wait for me to finish。”Zhu Minglang said。

“it is good,it is good,You said,Others are not allowed to speak!”The old grandmother told every member of the Nan family of Li Jia。 “These big things are not what I can do now,I have to discuss with them,After all, it can shock the major forces,Is the power of the family。”Zhu Minglang said。 “I, Changqing Duan, […]


Song Xiaofan and Zhao Ji’s two people go out from the back door to the front door,At this time, I followed the 20th special affairs of Rui Rui.,Among them, Wang Manchun。 Zeng Yao first before the patrol came to the safe place,This action is completely implemented according to the co-planned plan.,Task Objective The Twelve Division […]