Cloud warehouse delivery within 1 hour delivery to Guanguan County Tongcheng distribution covers all 352 village communities

  This newspaper (Zhang Yan) On December 7, Wang Hongguan, Wang Hong, village, Tianma Guancun Village, Dongcheng Town, Guan County, and found that there were few people in the refrigerator. So, she opened the Zhenfei Mall app in her mobile phone, and she purchased 2 kg of quick-frozen dumplings. Not long, Zhenfei Mall staff sent the […]

Central Propaganda Department, Emergency Management Department jointly released the advanced deeds of "the most beautiful emergency management workers" in 2020

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 6th, for comprehensive implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the importance of emergency management, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Party, talking about China’s emergency management stories, creating concerns to support emergency management reforms in the whole society The strong atmosphere of development, […]

Changchun New Area: Weaving Tongda Convenience Road Network Carrying Regional Class Level

The eternal family is in the traffic. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Changchun New District will accelerate the improvement of urban road systems in Changchun New District, strengthen urban dry branch network, fast road network and trunk road connection, and comprehensively improve road network connectivity and accessibility; accelerate Improve the highway road network, […]

Beijing Winter Olympics International Test Race Semi-epidemic prevention and control, the work organization and other work is stable and orderly

On the 12th, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee said in the first steel park, the international test race has been too half since the 5th of October 5. At present, the current epidemic prevention and control, the work of the event is smooth and orderly, discovered two cases Nucleic acid detection of new crown virus […]

Chen Hao, a representative of the National People’s Congress, secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee: Solidly solve the imbalance of development, insufficient problems, and hand over high quality development qualified answers

(Source: Xinhua Net) On March 6, Yunnan delegation held the first meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress Yunnan Delegation. Chen Hao, representative of the National People’s Congress, the Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, said that in 2017, GDP growth in Yunnan Province has grown in the third place in the country. However, the […]

The World Cup Seed Team has determined that 7 Italian is also a seed team.

CCTV News: With all the championships in the European region of the World Cup qualifier, 10 direct outline teams have been released, and 12 teams participating in the surcharge have also been determined.On the other hand, Brazil and Argentina in South America have also been advanced.Spanish data expert Alexis determines eight seeds of the next […]

Sichuan, the tax system has helped more than 12 thousand people out of poverty

Zhou Yang Lin damiaocun where the city is located southeast of Nanxi District Yibin, when the establishment is known for surrounding poor villages. Poverty is the economic situation, but it actually has a wealth of praecox, roses and other agricultural resources. Nanxi District Yibin City, the tax department help identify the point of force, to […]

The first Li Xihua of the old man,And recently first out of the rivers and lakes, Yue Chengzhi,Under the support of many anti-Qing’s power,See the mysterious,I hope to borrow a chance to borrow Mo Shaolin,“In one way”Organize the turtle conference——That is to negotiate the things of Wu Sangui。

Xuanci does not agree、Don’t say——Anyway, he is in Song Ting,Not afraid of sensitive,but……Not afraid,But there is no need。 Xuocusen is the land of Shaolin,Ignore these customs,However, there is also a hidden talk.,When the rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes will not stay only for a day or two.,What do you do at night?,As long […]