“Only from Jiang Bifai Father is a pair of children in the temple,Don’t doubt what he is suspected?”Chu Deirers have just said。

Chu Deirers see Xuanji still don’t care about him.,So said:“Rest assured,I understand your words.,After all, you are not good to directly accuse the Jiang Bifai to kill the mysterious master.!” Mysterious:??? See what you don’t say anything.,Chu Deiren behind the foot,It is necessary to preach the world.“Mi-Fu Fang people tell me that I will kill […]

Cheerful tips,Yunqin recovered awareness。

Open your eyes。Um,Black paint black,Sleep next to your personal,Yunqin calmly closed eyes,An An quiet lying down to digest information。 ‘Ge Yunqin’,At the age of age,New Rural Gas Village, the first big family,Gejia old three,Ge Mingzhi,Mother Ge Yunying。There is a nine-year-old brother,Ge Yunhao。 http://www.haobaojia.cn Well,She is still the first time when she is a child?!Yunqin took […]

For these,He Shao at this time,The more you look, the more it feels.。

These things,Now,Absolutely can’t make good breaks。 And when necessary,These things,anyway,In fact, there is still this necessary to completely handle it.。 “Humph,It is necessary to see,They next,How to do!” Chapter 714, our boss will not come. As He Shao is here。 But didn’t have long,He,More than one person。 This person looked at the time,It’s more http://www.bssea.cn […]

Zhou Zhi twist towards。

The little girl’s hair has become messy.,Face is also red,Pleasant http://www.htdxkeji.cn makes her more soft,She is in the heart of a sense of chest.。 The little girl next to it is still closed eyes.,One hand hugs the safety lock of the chest,Another hand grabs the side guardrail,The calm expression revealed a feeling of surrounding the […]

She laughed:“Lu Hao http://www.xuenlp.cn Cheng,I hope that Lu Group will go out of the country.。”His company has just founded,Your current results,The world is amazing!

Lu Hao Cheng whispered in her ear:“Blue,Have you,Can。” Blue Xin smiled slightly,Charming。 Li Yina turned and looked at the two,Say:“Blue,Aunt now has a trip today,You first stroll,At eleven o’clock,I am here to find you.,Then eat together。” Lan Xin nodded:“good,aunt,We are here waiting for you.。” Li Yina smiled nodded,Turn around。 Lu Hao Cheng also said,“Blue,Let’s go […]


Ah?This http://www.szkulove.cn continuous ring is really enough.!lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “If you don’t scam the city gate??”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; Li Da asked。lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “That takes directly to the city!Rambourious oil,Forced attack!”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; Gao Baoyi:lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “General Wang,You take five hundred people to guard the city,If there is Hou Ping’s troops,Take them into the city,Have our back。I and General […]

Balonia licked his chest,After the clothes behind, the strength of the dress is confront to break the light and smooth white ridge。

Higer hurriedly took off his jacket covered in Bronia,Worry。 Balonia’s painful look is slightly relieved,Wearing a roughness:“Bronia……Bronia is nothing,Heier, you are fine.。” This look is seriously injured.,Not only forced to say that you are fine,Also care about Hirs。 Xier’s urgent tears came out,“Hi Jier is nothing,It’s strange that children should not appear in that.。” Bronia […]

Toned,Also,“This kind of secret treasure is refined,Can be integrated into the body,And forced your own breath to save a realm,But the strength will not change……”Summer pupil,“So to say,Nangong, the old thief, to deal with me.。”

He didn’t feel too unexpected。 What happened before and after,It’s easy to speculate some clues。 Wang Yuxin looks,“That’s dangerous.,South Palace will refine the secret treasure,I will tell you trouble.。” Summer,“How long does it take for refining soul stone secret treasure??” Wang Yuxin shakes his head,“Soul stone is a natural secret stone,Energy with incredible energy,And each […]

“morning。”The Qing Palace nodded against the beginning of the spring.,“Go eat breakfast.,Hey,Sko Sky?”

“Sko Tian classmates will go out early in the morning.。”In the beginning, blinking,“It seems to buy something to commercial street.。” Qing Dynasty and Meiqin look at it。 Sky walks on the beach。 Her hands in the hands of a cup of coconut juice tea tea,This kind of origin is very popular hereselves here.,There are many […]

Merit Golden Light,Can’t say that the other person must be a good http://www.sanyt.cn person。

but,It can also show that the other party is definitely not a big evil person。 If it’s not for the golden light,Li Ming won’t come。 “This fellow,Quite strange!”Yunhedao waved his hand,A set of tea sets sitting on automatically moves,Soon a pot of tea boiled,After being brewed automatically, a piece of tea will be separated into […]