“Millet,I still think of the magic core of two million Xiancoin.,A little more。”

Summer40Wan magic will give Huaxai Huaihui,She is a little difficult。 “Not much,This is your own。” Summer laughing,“I remember to buy a list in Yuxianfang,There is a very suitable Women’s practice,Take a spring sword,Qing Hui, you are a wooden property,It should be very suitable。” “what? I also know the spring sword,That set can’t take one million […]

Entertainment circle,Commercial circle,Will use the identity and dirty means to account for it。

And those women are afraid of his identity,I dare to anger, I don’t dare.。 Such experience,I have long developed him http://www.huximiao.cn into a good personality.。 At this moment, your palm is taken on the desktop.,For him,This is simply shameful! “Born!I must make you die very badly.。” He will naturally not yield,Do not hesitate to look […]