Healthy late night fruits

Healthy late night fruits Staying up late is a sustainable condition in our modern life, and it is also a bad habit that endangers the human body. “Working at sunrise, dying at sunset. “This is the result of human adaptation to the environment for a long time. Staying up late will lead to a loss […]

Grain and cereals out beauty

Grain and cereals “out” beauty The ancients said, “Grain is for food” means that eating whole grains is good for health. “Coarse grains” mainly include products such as corn, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, rye, potatoes and various beans. But eating coarse grains is also good for the skin, but it is not necessarily known.   Look […]

Test your promotion strengths

Test your promotion strengths I got home from the station by walking for 20 minutes late at night, the door was locked, my family was asleep, how could I not wake them up, but the light on the second floor was still on, what would you do?   A: Sit at a nearby store and call […]

Raw chestnut kidney

Raw chestnut kidney Chestnuts are glutinous, refreshing, and nutritious. They are known as the “king of thousands of fruits.” It is also called “ginseng fruit” abroad. Chinese folks use chestnut to nourish and cure the disease in many ways, but most people are familiar with it. As everyone knows, raw chestnut has a better effect […]

Pay special attention to the principle of cold medicine for young children

Pay special attention to the principle of cold medicine for young children Medications for the treatment of pediatric colds 4 Principles When pediatric colds occur, both nursing and medication are very important, and these are the necessary medical knowledge that parents must master.   Pediatric cold medicine also has its own characteristics, because the treatment of […]

Improper bed placement affects sleep

Improper bed placement affects sleep In fact, the quality of sleep is determined by many factors, some of which are caused by us. Certain emotional changes affect sleep, excessive relaxation or fatigue affects sleep, and the pain of a disease affects sleep, etc.Some factors are unknown to many people, such as improper bed placement can […]