The flight attendant police soon appeared in the sight of everyone,But they don’t understand the situation,Seeing no fights and no arguments,So I want to understand the situation first。

“The green one,He abused me。Also molested your flight attendant。I’m brave enough to not want to be named。Don’t thank me!”Qin Feng is a little free at this moment。I don’t know what was affected。 of course,His intention was to tease the green-haired man。 But the green-haired man’s face is dark at this moment,Seems to be on the […]

Keep up,But actually saw the crying shadow。

This touched his heart for a while,Like feeling something,Just hug Xiao Nizi into his arms,he knows,right now,What Xiaolin lacks most is a shoulder,A shoulder to lean on。 “It seems,This little girl is under too much pressure!”Qin Feng said lightly in his heart。 I feel the fire in my arms,Charlene relaxes,But instead,But it’s getting tighter,This,who is […]

Dragon Qi on the side is also carefully staring at Lan Youmeng,not long ago,The two had a short collaboration,For the ability of Lan Youmeng,Dragon Qi also has a certain understanding。

Although I don’t know what Lan Youmeng has,But look at her,Dragon Qi has a not-so-good feeling。 “I will keep staring at you,Don’t think about playing tricks with me!”Long Qi looked at Lan Youmeng,Seriously。 “is it?Then you must watch it carefully!”Lan Youmeng smiled softly,Stretch out two fingers to point to your eyes,Pointed to Dragon Seven,Provocative means […]

Lu Menglin had already passed through the middle of the base in an instant,Rise first,Then like a cannonball,Straight down in front of the Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu。

The two are separated by a space of more than ten meters,Remote view,The two eyes collided fiercely。 “I’m coming!”Lu Menglin raised his head,Speak loudly。 At this moment,Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu frowned,Looking at Lu Menglin below with disgust,Then shook his head:“I’m not calling you!” Finished this sentence,Tu Chanchun arrived here,After listening to the words of the […]

See this message,Fang Yong forced himself to calm down,Next,It’s time for acting。Can you earn that 200,000,It just depends on the acting skills。

they do not know,Their behavior,It’s just to lead the wolf into the room。 at this time,There is a knock on the door outside:“Is anyone home?” Fang Yong replied:“Who?” Shout out,Just open the door:“Who are you looking for?” “Mr. Fang Yongfang??” Fang Yong nodded:“I’m,You are……” “It is said that,You have some treasures,Come here to see。rest assured,If […]

“……”After Xiao Fan listened to Liu Neng’s words,He suddenly didn’t know what he should say to Liu Neng and the three weird people at this moment.。

Xiao Fan glanced at Liu Neng helplessly,Looking at the angry Wang Dahua again,Finally, I took a look at Liu Guangguang triumphantly,People come and go now,He doesn’t want to have any disputes with them here。 Took a deep breath,Xiao Fan said:“Scenery,I mean nothing else,I mean you can be a president or something,Chairman wronged you too much,I […]

“You believe me,I believe you too。Since it won’t hurt Hui,I promise you!”Xiao Gao finished,Drank the wine in the glass in one breath,Sighed again:“but——I used to think that your seriousness and persistence to Hui are never less than me,So I am willing to give up。But you seem to have changed recently,You didn’t think so before,Won’t do it。Hope when things are over,There are good reasons for the truth you are seeking,if not,I will treat you as a true friend,But you won’t be willing to take on Hui’s future!You better be mentally prepared。”

“The dispute between gentlemen is on the table,The villain is under the table。Say the word love to Hui,You are always more qualified than me!If you want to compete,I can’t even have a bit of unpleasant emotions。”Chen Wenjin toasted:“A bottle of appetizer,Eat and drink here tonight!” Xiao Gao doesn’t drink well,Without any hesitation,Dry directly against the […]

Think about Li Xiang again,She got real benefits from Abao,If it’s not for being hacked,,No worries in life。

Qiangwei thought,Can’t help but wonder,She used Li Xiang to break up with Abao,With Wang Shuai,Is it worth it?? Especially recently,Qiangwei felt more and more,Wang Shuai either doesn’t love her much,Either Wang Shuai wouldn’t love anyone at all,Anyway, very selfish,Didn’t say anything to really care about her hard consciousness。 Qiangwei is busy with things in the […]

Is there a large number of aircraft stored in this base in the United States??

Members of the delegation,From the military,From the diplomatic system,From the Ministry of Foreign Trade,From other departments、Comrades who don’t know much about the country’s military equipment,Involuntary eyes fell on the fellow military comrades.:Comrades in the military should have a better understanding of the situation, right?? then…… They saw the military comrades,Everyone turned pale involuntarily。 Pale face? […]

The car drove directly into Zhongnanhai,Only state-level officials can enter this place。So Qin Feng is here for the first time。of course,Once there is an important event to deal with,Even members who are not at the level will be brought in。Because the security measures here are arguably the best in the country!

When Qin Feng is taken to a hall,He discovered that there are many foreign faces here。 OK?Eight nations meeting?? Qin Feng counted,There don’t seem to be many people。 Because of Qin Feng,There seems to be only six people who can sit down。 of course,Each with a bodyguard,The head of Hua Guo is no exception。 “Qin […]