Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona with a little laughter,Said:“Yoona,I just said,Don’t be so boring and listen to people’s corner?If you want to know when the two of them just now,What did you say,Then you can go out and listen,You always lie on the door,What’s the matter with you?”

Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan“rebuke”,He also gave Xiao Fan a straight and unceremonious look,Then said:“How can it be the same,I went out to listen,Can only hear what i want,Only in this way,I can hear what they are saying!” “did not think of,My Yoona will be careful now!”That’s what Xiao Fan said,I just stretched out […]

Talkative,Eight-Rank Saint Realm Strength,Is a master in the world。

“Roar!” The sky green ape python roared,Directly transformed into a real body of five or six meters,Those deadpools around have turned into nothingness in the roar。 “Gudong!” “Sixth-level beast?” The warrior, who was still confident and slowly, almost collapsed to the ground after seeing the real body of the sky green ape python.,How come this […]

Qilin sister Rui Mengmeng also nodded,But Wu Xing’s evil smile made my heart pounding.,Even Qiangwei, who has always been dismissive of men, put his eyes aside,It’s really that this guy’s smile is too lethal to a woman!

Wu Xing smiled and said“Ok,Since you all want to see,Then I will reluctantly wear it。” “I go,Angkor,Don’t let us down,Hurry up and show up。”Xin Zhao’s impatient way。 “right,Let me see what’s so great about your armor,Sounds very……”Lena was curious too,But I haven’t finished,She closed her mouth。 Wu Xing stretched out his hand and waved,Then there […]

The secretary naturally dare not neglect,Busy going。

quickly,The secretary sent a copy of the cooperation agreement signed with China Commercial Aircraft Corporation.——The reason is a copy,It’s because the original contract is generally kept in the corporate archives management department.,And for the convenience of query,The company generally prepares several copies of the contract text that has been formed,It is to avoid accidental loss […]

The other professor is not here,That is another school,I just don’t know if that person is like this?

Qin Feng is also a little guilty,But he still goes。 That professor studies some vegetables。 But this time it’s even worse,Qin Feng go there,That was not even seen by anyone,Even those people are not willing to call him。 Because Qin Feng didn’t show any letter of introduction,Besides, in their opinion, they want to inquire people […]

Lu Menglin saw Jiang Jingchuan,Suddenly smiled,Nodded at him。

Compared with before, Jiang Jingchuan,Has changed a lot,His eyes are firm and calm,Calm expression,Although there is joy on the face,But not eager,Every gesture shows the calm demeanor of a big family。 The moment I saw Jiang Jingchuan,Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Subconscious sweep Glanced,He thought Jiang Jinghong was here too。 These brothers and sisters knew each […]

After all, Van Gogh and other world-class painting masters,They have all heard of,I have never heard of this before Katsushika Hokusai。But Brother Hu told them,Van Gogh is a fan of this Katsushika Hokusai,That’s too much?

“Don’t look like this,This person is also the only Japanese among the 100 celebrities who influenced the world in the millennium。visible,The reputation is still quite big,It’s just that we treat the Japanese with a different sentiment,To selectively ignore this country and its people。” Nothing else,Japanese in science,Many Nobel Prize winners,But can we name a name?no? […]

“Really?”Wang Shuai sees Chen Wenjin’s decision,Just let him go,Say:“I have a motorcycle,I borrowed you to drive back。”

“no need。”Chen Wenjin thought about trouble。 “Leopard,You drive him back。”Wang Shuai doesn’t actually say,Abao is also willing,But he said,Seems to be his heart,It seems to have nothing to do with Abao himself。 Xiao Xiao sees Chen Wenjin is going home,Just say:“Chen Wenjin,Let’s get together。I think it’s better to go home tonight,I have to talk to […]


10month22day,Thursday,Everything is calm,Open in the morning,Major companies release new financial annual reports,Announced repurchase of shares,A thriving post-disaster reconstruction look,There is no indication that the stock market is about to fall sharply。 In this situation,Ji Shengcheng peeped at Chen Geng from time to time,There are even two traders occasionally、The traders also peeked at Chen Geng,Everyone thinks […]

But this big boss is not stupid,He knows very well that other clubs here can’t have no objection。So he was waiting。

however,Three days passed,It was calm,Excluding their clubs, there should be8A club,But these eight clubs didn’t do anything in three days! “This is not right!”Jason looked at the running water in the red light district for these three days and felt twitching in his heart。After all, although he also manages some stores,But the sum is definitely […]