Fortunately, that pair of men and women are quite clear-headed,When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,The two of them quickly stepped aside from Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er。

“what!sorry Sorry,I don’t know what you guys are going to do?”Although it means that the man and woman gave way,But obviously the two of them still didn’t plan to fight Lin Yoona.、Xiao Fan and the two of them were separated。 “Is not,You two are planning to follow us all the time, right?,Where are we going […]

And now,For Qi Tianqi’s Qi Group,The benefits I mentioned earlier,For Lin Yoona,It was originally a surprise。

Thought of here,The pressure in Lin Yoona’s heart disappeared instantly without a trace。 “Chairman Qi,Today, Zi Qian, I think you still don’t take it home?”Lin Yuna thought for a while and said。 “Oh?why?”Chairman Qi didn’t let him recognize Zi Qian,There was a big change in attitude。 “Chairman Qi,You see,It looks like this,First of all, this […]

Bai Qi said to him:“This is normal,it does not matter,Take your time。So many classrooms,You can also design。”

“Different,There are no rules in every classroom,Must be the same,It’s all active。” ———— Chapter Eighty Seventy One Discretion After listening to Baiqi’s thoughts, Lin Yuner felt that it was indeed。 In this classroom,No blackboard table and chair bench。Yes,Moved here later,Then need to design the position of the podium。 Computer placement,The location of each classroom can […]

“sorry,I can’t hold back。What an enemy this car has with you?Just repaired and had to return to the factory。”Brother Xiu looked around and said:“It looks okay,If there is no big problem inside,It didn’t take long。This is a rear-end collision?Fortunately。”

“Brother Xiu, please drag the car back,We were scared,Want to leave here quickly,talk to you later。”Wang Shuai is not in the mood to talk to Brother Xiu,The key is that the actual situation is not easy to tell others so much。 Brother Xiu looked at Chen Wenjin’s car and said:“Your car can be repaired at […]

I want to understand this layer,Ingmar·Spotnor finally nodded in disguise:“I will convey your meaning to your majesty,But I don’t guarantee your Majesty’s attitude。”

“of course。”Chen Geng smiled and nodded,A little bit,Chen Geng lowered his voice to Ingmar·Spotnor whispered:“Mr. Spotnor,I am going to open a special business in AmsterdamThinkPad、ThierAnd other brand direct stores of computer software,Are you interested in participating in a share?” You can’t give no benefit to people,Otherwise Ingmar·Why is Spotnor caring about you??Chen Geng certainly understands […]

“Lying grass,dying?”

Qin Feng saw all these battle scenes in his eyes。Zhong Fa and Joe Wei is right in front of them,But after those two left the battlefield,He and Cen Wen directly faced the two Heavenly Scavengers! After all, they didn’t move their position much just now。 “dying,dying!” Qin Feng is a little worried,of course,At this moment […]

Kong Zhen pulls Sun Youcai,Comforting all the way,What I was thinking about was how to get rid of Sun Youcai as soon as possible,Go back to my department for consultation。

Fortunately, the two troublesome figures have been dispelled by Dean Wang.,Just deal with Sun Youcai alone,Kong Zhen’s downside doesn’t feel the same as before。 “Old hole,Dean Wang does too,Why don’t you give me any face?” After talking about how to retaliate against Xiang Chen and the others,Sun Youcai started to talk to Kong Zhen about […]

Lin Yu looked at Qiao Ming,In fact, Qiao Ming’s inner complexity at this moment is no less than Lin Yu。

Qiao Shan is the young master of their Qiao family。 Yes? Qiao Shan is the young master of their Qiao family,People in these small places have heard of Qiaoshan,That is understandable。 and so,Qiao Ming thought of this,The sad cloud that just appeared on my face,It was at the moment Qiao Ming wanted to understand,And disappeared […]

but,Since I met Lu Yao at my cousin’s banquet,,She discovered that this daughter who was not recognized by the Lu family,It’s not as embarrassing as Lu Xin said。

The head raised high,Straight back,With a look of indifference to everything,Made her feel deeply,This woman,not to be trifled! “Xinxin,you listen to me,It’s not that i don’t help you,But true” “okay,Stop talking,I’m going to see grandma now,Her old man will” “Lu Xin!” Duan Xiuying is so angry,Stopping Lu Xin’s turn to walk,After so many years,Every time […]

After scolding fiercely,The buddy in front of the TV took a deep breath,But his face is still not pretty:“All right,My reaction was a little overdone,But it seems that this carcivicof‘Attentiveness’Beyond my expectation。”

He Will“Attentiveness”The word is very heavy。 Everyone in front of the tapecivicCar owners,The mood is as heavy as that guy’s expression on TV,They suddenly found,I was cheap at the beginning、The Honda that I bought to save fuelcivic,Maybe very fuel efficient,Maybe very worry-free,But the price paid for this may be heavier than I imagined。 “Originally according […]