The two had a preliminary discussion,Then Qin Feng began to count down。

“One.two.Three-shot!” Qin Feng Stopped to throw a throwing knife,However, I found that no other throwing knives came out except my own attack.。Qin Feng was taken aback,After reacting, he ran away again。 At this time, there is some distance between myself and Chen Feng。 “You lie to me!Agree to get a knife together,You didn’t even watch […]

“Don’t you play tricks!”

Han Yuxiang gave Xiang Chen a warning look,Then silently retreated behind Xiang Chen。 The corners of Xiang Chen’s mouth turned upwards,Thinking,How could this situation be considered a flee,At best it can only be considered a strategic retreat。 Turn around,Under the leadership of Xiang Chen,The gunfire finally became hazy in Han Yuxiang’s ears。 Follow Xiang Chen,Han […]

There is a tall figure slowly descending in the distance,Xiang Chen and others also saw the breaking monks beside Zhixingchuan before。

For the monk,Duke Keisley, they are not very surprised anymore,But because of Xiangchen’s side,Duke Keisley still pretended to meet for the first time,Ask Zhixingchuan on the side:“It seems that we interrupted the cleanup!” Speak without a smile,The Duke of Kesley was standing beside everyone, staring and talking nonsense,Relying on the sight around me now,As long […]


Li Jiaxing’s voice just fell,Immediately resonated in the Massachusetts Hall,Everyone pointed the finger at Qiao Tianyu。 But Qiao Tianyu was not moved by everyone’s accusations,He raised his hands and pressed his voice,Asked with a smile。 “Since you have such doubts,Then I ask you,About the answers to these six test questions,IMOThe organizing committee has several sets […]

Although Father Wu is dissatisfied with Gu Cangnan’s manner of talking to him,But my son caused such a big disaster,I do manage to lose,So I can only bear it。

“You good son,In front of the project leader’s husband, he said disgusting words to the project leader,People don’t follow,Use the project to threaten people,dad,You said,He looks like this,Can his husband let him go??”Gu Cangnan finished these words,I’m almost out of breath。 If it weren’t for Wu Yifei’s always behind him,Keep going for him,I guess he […]

A guy from the Huangpu family stood up,Both the Huangpu family and the Situ family have their own influence in this place, Others may not understand,But how can the people of these two families not know the means to ask the powerhouse of the gods??

now,In the whole sea city,There is only one power that asks the power of God level,That is the South Navy Department,South China Sea King! How could a guy in the six thrones of the dignified military department think of these guys??in other words,Even if people think the whole Haicheng is an eye-catching thing,It’s normal to […]

“Thank you。”Qiangwei’s face is not so good,Still depressed and closed the door。

Not long,Her pager rang again,Li Xiang and Abao。 Rose saw,Li Xiang’s call is with Abao’s big brother number,So no reply。 When the weather is later,May come up and knock on the door。“rose,we are leaving,Will you go with us?” “I am asleep,Very tired,Don’t want to move。”Qiangwei sitting in the room,The sound is very tired。 “OK then,we […]

Two minutes later,Qin Feng and Fenfang were left standing on the ground with more than 200 people.。

As for the others,All fell to the ground and passed out。It’s impossible for them to wake up in a short time。 And even now Fragrant is still standing,But she no longer wants to fight。She already understands,What a huge gap between the two,So this kind of battle is totally meaningless。 “Defeated?” Qin Feng asked with a […]

at this time,Lu Menglin and several teachers in the office heard a few soft coughs at the door at the same time。

“cough,cough!What are you doing?So lively!Three court trials?” Talking room,A fat black man with a later generation Gao Xiaosong’s style walked into the office cheerfully。 Teacher Gong who teaches Chinese,He is the teacher who once praised Lu Menglin in public,He is also a good teacher who rarely convinces Lu Menglin。 “Teacher Gong, you came just right,This […]

Otherwise, he really dare not practice with all his strength,After all, the environment here gives Xia Chenglong a very bad intuition,It’s dangerous here,Very dangerous。

If you are a little careless,Very likely to die without a burial place,It’s pretty good with these crocodile,They will help clear the guys around。 ———— Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Eight restore Ignore the others,The most important thing is to quickly restore strength。 At this time, Jiuxiang Ointment has a good effect,Holding back the itch,Feel […]