A scale like ice,Frost dragon with stout horns。

The former is the ninth level peak,The latter goes beyond racial restrictions,Break through the existence of the sanctuary。 This brawny waved his hand,The corpse of the frost dragon is contained in the space ring。 “Haha,If the old Cromwell guessed correctly,My girl ———— Imperial Capital ———— Chapter One Hatching Peng Diao Bustling street,Slight rain,Greeting guests,Prostitute with […]

“How about Mr. Xia!Is it comfortable to live in our own hotel??”

Guan Tingna’s silver bell-like voice came from the phone。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“Very comfortable,Especially standing in front of the window of the hotel room and looking at the whole street of Donglin Township,What a beautiful natural picture。Hey!Since i’m here,I think our promotion of Donglin Township has started to warm up in advance” “Do you […]


“Of course,Can i still lie to you?There are swords that can cut everything in this world, and there are swords that can cut everything.,Both of these are swordsmen!” Leo’s expression moved,This is a bit familiar。 I only heard the owner continue to speak:“Jianhao is actually divided into two parts,One is to master flying slash,This means […]

When Guo Meili saw Xia Jian,Busy stand up,Zhang Luo made tea for him。Xia Jian waved his hand and said:“no need,Just drank tea with Hu Huiru for more than two hours,I’m almost drinking up now”

“President Xia!You are a friend。Is Hu Huiru charming?,You go find her for tea?”Guo Meili asked with a haha smile。 Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No no,She called me to drink tea。Because she drives,And i rode a motorcycle,So I changed drinking to tea” “I don’t see it all!Hu Huiru is too charming”suddenly,Ouyang Hong walked in […]

“Open the door and let her in!This girl hasn’t come to our house for many days“Old Xiao said happily。Xiao Xiao heard Fang Fang’s coming,A little unhappy and went back to the room。

In a while,Fang Fang walked in quickly,She is carrying two big bags in her hand。She walked in the door,Said with a smile:“Hello Uncle Xiao!This package is for you,This bag is for Xia Jian’s son“ “Damn!You just come,What are you doing with so many things??Hurry up and sit here“Old Xiao laughed,Let Fang Fang sit beside him。 […]

“forget it,I don’t know what the content of the test is,How else to prepare。”

“How can I forget。” Ou Sheng is the emperor in no hurry,Very serious analysis:“How to break through the level must be a force test,During these three days, we conducted special training!Actual combat is the best training,I’m fighting against you these days。” Chen Xiu saw that she was serious,Don’t allow yourself to object,Had to say:“Special training […]

Hearing some serious voices that Songshimin changed,Su Yugu knows that he has thought more.。

“Hey-hey,Song uncle, you think more,It is an ordinary little farmer.,And still sold in the town,There are few people buying at all.。” “Since no one is bought,Why did he sell so expensive??” For such things,Song Shimin is also a curious asked。 “Forehead,I don’t know this.,Maybe he feels his apple value this price,And each other seems to […]

At a three-way intersection,Three people stopped。Grandpa Long Lu smiled and said:“The road in the middle is to the town,About thirty miles away,The left is going to my house,Still forty miles,And the right can lead to the national highway,Need sixty miles。I think they should stay on these two roads,At least one day”

“Makes sense,Or your analysis is right,Then I’ll go home with you”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。 The old man nodded,Go forward first,Xia Jian and Long Lu hurriedly followed。 When the sky gradually darkens,A village of dozens of people appeared in front of Xia Jian,Looking at the village in front of you,Xia Jianmeng thought of Xiping […]

Zhang Zhiqiang is hiding behind a flowerbed filling bullets,He admits to be careless tonight,But at the same time I feel that this group of people in Geng Old Wu’s hands is really hard to deal with。Thought four bodyguards、Two snipers,Plus two backbones of Asahi Fengtang,It’s more than enough to deal with Geng Laowu’s disciples and grandchildren,Even a bit wasteful,But the end result was that he was beaten as a polished commander。

The explosive power of the bald head named Wei Dahai is far beyond imagination,The fierceness of life is also rare in life,If it weren’t for Zhang Zhiqiang’s spirit of twelve points,,Maybe it’s overturned。 What’s more annoying is that the two little rascals in front of me are not fuel-efficient lamps.,He is sure that a person […]