NS324chapter Master, Yuxi, please

Eating cake,Qi Rui:“Cloud,You suddenly left.,This time, I will not do anything to do.?” “These days are exhausted.,I went to Beiping first.,I went to the Taiyuan to give it back.。” “who?” Zhuneng Yunzi Zhang Zhangzhao,Then I am sorry to say:“No longer affordinal pool,Teacher does not let me tell anyone who they are.,Waiting for the task they […]

“Are you afraid of cold?I only wear two clothes for cold?You can take it off,I search。”

“That won’t work,I’m not used to others touching me。You just want to know if we have something privately,I understand,I turned my pocket out to show you,OK??” Major Ji suddenly understood Chen Du a little,There are a lot of problems with this big boy,“You turn it over,Hem out,Bounce。” This is acceptable,Gan Yifan did it,Turn out the […]

Wang Yukun rolled his eyes“Humph,Get up quickly,Tomorrow is the day of departure,Go take a bath and rest!”Wang Yukun rarely moved out of the majesty of the teacher。

Fuming pouted,Know it is for your own good“it is good,End of today!”Got up and stretched,After talking to the two individually, he turned and left the practice room。 “Huha,It’s better to take a bath”Fuming wiped his head and lay on the bed,Glanced at the spar locked in the gene,Fall asleep directly。 。。。 “Did you find the […]


First2115chapter Thoughtful Xia Jian sat behind his desk,And said to Dragon Ball:“Come here,Tell me about the difficulties we have encountered so far,The key is the digital problem,Speak clearly” “The funds for land transfer are now short of more than 2.5 million,And the time given to us counts today only five days,But it’s basically over today。In […]

Zheng said that the ancestors shook their heads。

Northern Dynasty Survival Record NS1244chapter Program justice(superior) “Mr. Zheng Lao,What do you mean by saying??” Tiger Congwei City Sony,Gao Biyi gave Zheng Zu to a cup of tea,Then asked very well。 Just Zheng Yu Zu said,High-rise,Nothing to Zheng,This is enough to be deep enough.! “Greater host,Southern,Daughter married,Splashing water。Zheng Tai car is not the person of […]

Things with flowers and Yunlo,To stimulate the Queen,It is the presenter of Dongpu people.,But deliberately humiliate too much,Just like the original midwood-like martyrdom,Elderly desperate emotions,Indeed、Deliberately!

The purpose is to rescue the Queen’s large internal secrets in the Ribbon Villa.,Can be bigger“Add points”。 Just now is a cheap Chu Deiren…… “Yun Luo now……”Before I remembered before“gossip”,Fortunately, someone saved,I am also worried about my daughter.。 “Yunlo is very good,Before it is me and Yun Luo intentional play,Help save you old。”Chu Deirers said […]

still is?”

Although Zheng Mingshan has already guess,But according to Zhou Shengjie,He is just drinking three cups of tea.,If a few people do not have a bottle。 So will you still be young than Zhou Shengjie? Think of you can return to your youtern time,Even if I have experienced a lot of big wind waves, I also […]

Here,He feels fire in his heart.。

On the evening,Pan Hong will let Zhu You have closed the supermarket in the morning.。 “husband,These three you eat,I have three。” “no, I’m fine,You eat four.,I will eat one,Taste the taste is good。” Zhu Youli thought of an apple 10,000,I still have some distressed in my heart.。 “Wife,Do you say this apple really sell 50,000??” […]


Song Xiaofan and Zhao Ji’s two people go out from the back door to the front door,At this time, I followed the 20th special affairs of Rui Rui.,Among them, Wang Manchun。 Zeng Yao first before the patrol came to the safe place,This action is completely implemented according to the co-planned plan.,Task Objective The Twelve Division […]