The first Li Xihua of the old man,And recently first out of the rivers and lakes, Yue Chengzhi,Under the support of many anti-Qing’s power,See the mysterious,I hope to borrow a chance to borrow Mo Shaolin,“In one way”Organize the turtle conference——That is to negotiate the things of Wu Sangui。

Xuanci does not agree、Don’t say——Anyway, he is in Song Ting,Not afraid of sensitive,but……Not afraid,But there is no need。 Xuocusen is the land of Shaolin,Ignore these customs,However, there is also a hidden talk.,When the rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes will not stay only for a day or two.,What do you do at night?,As long […]

“Jackie,Your evaluation is too arbitrary.,I’m seeing me……Nonsence,What is the relationship between people??”

Liao Wenjie Xiangxun bumps,Suddenly found the rhythm,I really didn’t have a good airway:“I’m seeing me,Let’s go to the road.。” “Look again!” “Ok。” Two people are 嘀咕,Cuisa’s female clients detected that the pointing point,Frown:“Kusa,Your business is really good,Every time you come, you are not missing.。” “Hahaha,This time is not,The big nose over there is no,He is […]

Even if he actually said when he faced the heart of the heart, he couldn’t say anything.。

“thanks,I will definitely take the first one after a week.。” “Um,You go back.,Why are you doing?,But not allowed to give me a love in school.,Give me the impact to minimize in school??” Qin Xue just wanted to open,However, Li Hui is in the case of death.。 “Hey-hey,headmaster,I want to leave you a few days.。” “Time […]

Zhao Xiaoli said this,Let Li speak a little in the wind。

Especially the identity of the two,Directly from the scorpion big sister,This matter is passed out,So Zhao Xiaoli’s reputation will definitely appear crisis。 Originally Zhao Xiaoli took a long time because of the situation of Liu Dafu infertile.。 Now there is another pot,He really shielded。 What is it?,I am afraid I have a few people.。 “Hey-hey,Scull,Waiting […]

“Um,It is a quite Da Vinci Kaikon Chirahael,See your artistic accomplishment of this picture,I know that Picasso has succeeded。”

Liao Jie over white eyes,Pointing the avatar of the suspect:“It’s not that the ghost should be floating.,Solid impression,But this old brother is a beard,Rock the hairstyle,I have a good idea,Be too discounted,Let me believe that he is a ghost?” “Jiege,Is there such a possibility?,The late wisdom died of the trap of his own capture,Grievances,Worry,I have […]

Even think,Even if Yin Kecy is、It is also very good to kill Zhao ignorant.!

But unfortunately,I can’t ask for a wish Duan Tianya’s martial arts,It is indeed weak Yin Kecy,However, Yin Kexi is a businessman.,Although the adventure is connected,Unison、Also have many treasures,Martial arts is not inferior to Nimo,But after all, still business people’s heart,Inevitable greed、Can’t stand the temptation,Unable to control Means of,Restriction of the method of mental guidance! The […]

Li Hui said by the other party to remind him of him.,Otherwise, he really doesn’t remember there is such a thing.,After all, everything is not involved.,Never need to mention the impression。

“Hey-hey,No problem,But just want you to take a few days.,Our business is a bit hot,May be enhanced to other people’s eyes,The average person is coming, we can clean up,But the master is there, we have no one in the brothers.,So thinking is interesting or only you can。” “Oh,You want me to help look at the […]

“You Yin Yaozu,And you so-called female admirers,Please stop having unrealistic fantasies about my lady!”

I wish Minglang these words,Change the weak and weak text before,Standing among these people,He looks the same,Calm tone,It’s more overbearing! This is an oath,Swearing the Ownership of the Queen! Everyone was stunned! I thought there would be no shameless person like Zhu Minglang in this world,Who can think of him surpassing himself! “Little assistant,Sister support […]

“Old grandmother,Don’t worry,Wait for me to finish。”Zhu Minglang said。

“it is good,it is good,You said,Others are not allowed to speak!”The old grandmother told every member of the Nan family of Li Jia。 “These big things are not what I can do now,I have to discuss with them,After all, it can shock the major forces,Is the power of the family。”Zhu Minglang said。 “I, Changqing Duan, […]