Qiong Island expert scholar is hot discussion on Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Law

People’s Network Haikou June 15th (Mao ", Li Xueshan)" Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Law "(hereinafter referred to as Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong France) is concerned, and in Qiong Island caused strong repercussions. Recently, the reporter interviewed many island experts in many islands on the relevant issues of Hainan Free Trade Port. The formal […]

Tightly seize the consciousness of the China National Community, this main line accelerates the high-quality development of the Jilin national work in the new era.

  On the 1st, the National Work Conference of Jilin Province was held in Changchun. The Provincial Party Secretary Jing Junhai attended the meeting and speaking. He emphasized that the general secretary of Xi Jinping on strengthening and improving national work, comprehensively implement the spirit of the central national work conference, and firmly grasping the main […]

Qingfeng harvest, 2021, China, peasant harvest, housing mountain, autumn harvest

The "Beautiful Village Health Run" competition participating in the cadres, local masses, and corporate employees on the day of the event. On behalf of "Agriculture", "Rural", "Farmers", the same competition. A good momentum that represents the "three rural" work in Fangshan District, and the harmonious mutual momentum. In addition, the site also sets the agricultural […]

People’s Daily Focus on the New District of Qingdao West Coast, etc. Wood Dragon Boat Festival: consumption is full of energy

Dragon Boat Festival, catering, shopping, travel market to the good development of consumption and strong vitality, the core reading of the catering market, showing flourishing trends, online shopping demand is strong, new products in the tourism products continue to emerge … this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, the consumer market continues to restore Under the premise […]

Tongchuan held a school-owned construction of Shaanxi assembled building talent training ceremony

Li Rong said that in recent years, Tongchuan City has further implemented the concept of new development, and push high-quality development, actively build industrial clusters such as high-end equipment manufacturing, and accelerate the development of new materials industry, to create a new building materials production base, create provincesLevel assembly architectural pilot demonstration city is the […]

Qingshan District, Baotou City: Innovative mode measures to promote "double mining" work

In order to resolutely implement the "double reduction" deployment, Baotou City Qingshan District is active and accelerates the "double mining" work. "Double Reduce" 100th, the new model and new initiatives in Qingshan District in Baotou City have been working well, and the initial results of reducing students’ workload. Guangrung Road Primary School: Popularization of basic […]

The 5th Hainan International Health Industry Expo is held in Haikou

Reading: The 5th Hainan International Health Industry Expo opened in Hainan, Hainan on the 12th, attracted many multinational pharmacies, domestic leading enterprises, and the world’s first suction new crown vaccine and other products were also amazing. Xinhua Silk Road Haikou November 12 (Reporter Chen Biqi) The 5th Hainan International Health Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to […]