Urgent expensive, more than 2,000 Apple picking workers, due to epidemic, reside, help them return home

Retreat staff queues ride. Gansu Provincial Party Committee for the map "I went to Jiahe Township in Jingning County, I have taken more than 20 days. After the construction of the construction, I stayed in Jingning County. I didn’t have a shuttle bus. Some workers said that after the online message, the problem is reported. […]

Southwest 5 provinces promote government affairs services cross-provincial

  This newspaper Chengdu, April 21 (Reporter Wang Yong War) On April 21, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet signed a "cross-provincial" cooperation agreement, five provinces and municipalities planned this year "cross-province "The list of matters, there are currently 148 items, involving the certificate of household registration, electronic monitoring and illegal treatment, basic pension insurance relationship transfer, […]

Song Huiqiao’s first episode after divorce, the first episode of the first episode, the story is very broke through Song Hui, Zhang Jilong – International

[Abstract] According to Hong Kong media reports, South Korea’s 39-year-old Song Huiqiao’s first drama "now is breaking up" last night, the first episode she was staged with a small 10-year-old star Zhang Jilong staged "19 ban" bed, average The ratings were recorded, and the episode of the championship was called. Song Hui Qiao Zhang Jilong […]

Qinghai Province deployed the investigation and rectification of food safety risk hazards during the Mid-Autumn National Day

On September 18, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that Qinghai Provincial Government Food & Pharmaceutical Office issued a notice of food safety during the Mid-Autumn National Day, requiring all localities, departments in Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day Renovation work, strictly prevent strict control of various food safety risk risks, […]

Shanxi 9 social environmental monitoring units are processed

  Original title: 9 social environmental monitoring units in our province have been processed on January 19th, the Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Provincial Ecological Environment, "Notification on the Quality Investigation Results of Social Environment Monitoring Units in 2019" issued, decided The 9 social environmental monitoring agencies violate the regulations seriously. "Notification" pointed out […]

The 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo is held in Shanghai

  On November 19th, the Third Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo was opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Despite the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition is still not reduced, and more than 1,000 exhibitors are more than 10% year-on-year. The exhibition also obtained the Global Exhibition Association […]

The 15th Xiang Taihui held: promoting cross-strait integration development in deepening exchange cooperation

  Recently, the 15th Xiangtai Economic and Trade Cultural Exchange Cooperation (Xiang Taihui) and the first strait two-strait industry cooperation Yuelu Mountain Forum was held in Changsha, Hunan. This event is based on "deepening cooperation, integration development" as the theme, adopting the combination of online lines, inviting representatives of nearly 200 cross-strait parties to promote the […]

Pudong released headquarters economic top ten classic sample transnational high-energy composite

Multinational high-energy complexed headquarters significantly increased Pudong’s top ten classic samples, multinational companies’ localized innovation more deeper ■ Our reporter Du Chenwei yesterday afternoon, the 7th Pudong Headquarters Economic Top Ten Classic Sample Release Activities In Shanghai International Convention Center Hold. In the past six years, the Pudong New Area has issued 92 headquarters sample […]