Beijing Winter Olympics International Test Race Semi-epidemic prevention and control, the work organization and other work is stable and orderly

On the 12th, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee said in the first steel park, the international test race has been too half since the 5th of October 5. At present, the current epidemic prevention and control, the work of the event is smooth and orderly, discovered two cases Nucleic acid detection of new crown virus […]

Describe the bamboo with "water"

A strip of the vertical and horizontal water guides straight, a stock stream enters thousands of households, and a water source project of Xingxing Water Conservancy is eight parties … in Sichuan Mianzhu, It is possible to feel the strong pulsation that has accelerated the development of water contributions. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Mianzhu […]

Airport Street held Yishan Miyi "chasing dreams to go green" MINI marathon activities

In order to promote the construction of international talent community, enhance the physical quality of the residents of the jurisdiction, advocate health science, low carbon travel life. Shunyi District Airport Street Working Committee, Office, You Mountain Mountain Community Party Branch and You Mountain Club on April 18, 2021, "Chasing Dreams, Green Mountain" Central Villa Zone […]

China Oosterse onderwijs: Houd u aan "Leren" om "Werkgelegenheidseducatie" te doen "

Uitgebrachte taal lijkt in feite eenvoudig, u moet de luidsprekers, licht, make-up, apparatuurbediening en onderhoud en zool beheersen. People’s Net Zhang Jun Foto "Professional, de opening van de cursus, houden we een sociale vraag, matig vooruitgang. Wang YouLiang, een assistent voor de decaan van China Oriental Education Group Research Institute, zei dat de Groep de […]

Dejiang Qinglong: Special Research Deployment Ecological Environment Protection

Hesson of the Party Working Committee of the Street Party Working Committee to the Yuxi River patrol.The meeting requires that the streets, various communities (villages) should improve the political station, strengthen the responsibility, strictly promote the rectification of the ecological environmental protection feedback on the requirements of time nodes and work, ensure that the problem […]

2021 Erdos Zero-Carbon Industry Summit Opening Shitai Feng veroorzaakte hallo Xin Wang Lixia om bij te wonen en te praten

Op 12 oktober werd 2021 Erdos Zero Carbon Industry Summit geopend. Shi Taifeng, Secretaris van de Partijcommissie van de autonome regio en het Permanent Comité van het Volkscongres, naar de top, plaatsvervangend secretaris van het Partijcommissie en autonome regio, en de president van de autonome regio Wang Lixia woonde de openingsceremonie bij en bezorgde de […]

Tourism income rankings in the provinces of Qingming, there is an orderly recovery in domestic tourism market

Evaluation of the Data Center of Culture and Tourism, 2021 Qingming Festival holidays, national domestic tourism funds ranging from hundreds of millions, pressing the same year-on-year increase in the same period, restoring the previous period of the same period. Realize domestic tourism income billions, year-on-year growth%, restored to% before the previous period. The domestic tourism […]

Chen Hao, a representative of the National People’s Congress, secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee: Solidly solve the imbalance of development, insufficient problems, and hand over high quality development qualified answers

(Source: Xinhua Net) On March 6, Yunnan delegation held the first meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress Yunnan Delegation. Chen Hao, representative of the National People’s Congress, the Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, said that in 2017, GDP growth in Yunnan Province has grown in the third place in the country. However, the […]