“……”After Xiao Fan listened to Liu Neng’s words,He suddenly didn’t know what he should say to Liu Neng and the three weird people at this moment.。

Xiao Fan glanced at Liu Neng helplessly,Looking at the angry Wang Dahua again,Finally, I took a look at Liu Guangguang triumphantly,People come and go now,He doesn’t want to have any disputes with them here。
Took a deep breath,Xiao Fan said:“Scenery,I mean nothing else,I mean you can be a president or something,Chairman wronged you too much,I just think it’s too bad,The chairman’s position。”
After Xiao Fan said this to Liu Guangguang,I felt like I was about to be disgusted by myself。
Just like Liu Guangming,I’m afraid to go to the construction site to move bricks,It’s impossible for others。
Also president、Chairman,It is estimated that Liu Guangguang is such a mountain cannon,I’m afraid that I don’t know what the president is.。
as expected,Liu Fengguang、After Liu Neng and Wang Dahua heard these words from Xiao Fan,I was overjoyed immediately。
Liu Guangguang even said:“Xiao Fan,You guys have vision。”
“I know my grandson is the most powerful person in the world。”
“Yes,You look,Even such a useless person can see the true ability of our grandson,Then other discerning people are more able to see。”
Wang Dahua was so happy that the corners of her mouth could no longer close。
Liu Neng even said to Xiao Fan:“So Xiao Fan, what you said just now is what you meant,I got it wrong!”
“My grandson is awesome!”
“Grandparents are just waiting to enjoy your blessing one day!”
“grandfather、grandmother,Just wait,I will become a legend。”Liu Guangming is even more provocative。
Such remarks by Liu Neng and his grandchildren immediately attracted the attention of people around.。
“Is not,Where does the neurosis come from?!”