Hear here,Uncle Bing frowned,Displeased:“how is this possible!None of the societies in Taiwan are as rich as our Hong Kong people,Why are they?”

Lu Menglin smiled:“The third stage of the club,Which is currently the most advanced stage,Also called Chaotang Jianghu,It’s the club launching agents to run for senior officials,Form a shadow government,Top down,Rule one side。
Taiwan’s political environment is unique,Official Bandit Family,Such as the Bamboo Union Gang,They have participated in political elections,The Yamaguchi Formation in the East,Black Dragon Club,Has entered the third stage。”
After Lu Menglin said this,,Uncle Bing and the middle-aged man sitting not far away,Both fell into silence。
They know the situation of the Bamboo Union Gang,Old Chiang retired to Taiwan,The descendants of the soldiers,Be called a provincial,Competing for resources with local indigenous people for many years,Disputes。
In the eighties,Taiwan authorities require major bad gangs to surrender and cancel,At that time, the leaders of the bamboo union wanted to protect themselves,Actively make friends with high-level government,At the same time, the bamboo union asked“Participate in politics,Do something for the country”Slogan,Since then,The Bamboo Union Gang started the third stage of the club,They called on the crowd to vote,Gradually become a force that governs political elections。
The situation on Hong Kong Island is completely different from that of Taiwan,Especially after the 1997 return,The senior executives of the four major societies are even more frightened,I’m afraid it will be cleaned up by the state agency someday。
Let alone evolve to the third level,Can’t even keep the current situation,This is not just a trouble with the Liansheng family,But the troubles of the whole Hong Kong Island。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Three Sunshine Project
Heard so much,Uncle Bing thinks it makes sense,But he doesn’t even know what this kid wants to do。