But Wu Xiaorou insisted on bowing to the end,Xie Wei is no longer reserved,Of course I accepted Wu Xiaorou’s gift。

just,In his heart,Also praised slightly,This Wu Xiaorou in the years to come,The future must be limitless,It depends,Sure enough, you can’t just look at the surface and age。
“Uncle Xie,Next thing,Leave it to me。”
Stand up straight,Wu Xiaorou continued to say to Xie Wei。
“Next thing?”
I heard Wu Xiaorou say that,Xie Wei’s look,More surprised,But then think about it,Just Wu Xiaorou’s performance,I can think that something will happen in the future,It’s reasonable。
If she can’t even think of this,I guess this hotel wants to develop better in the future,It will be empty talk。
It’s just that he has some doubts,What method will Wu Xiaorou use to solve this problem?,To know,Just like a bastard,The most unscrupulous start。
Thought of here,Xie Weidao:“You can do it?”
“Do not worry,Uncle Xie,Rest assured,I have a way。”
Wu Xiaorou faces Xie Wei’s questions,Said confidently。
She paused,Went on:“Say again,Even if i can’t figure it out,Isn’t you still there??”
“Oh,What do i do,I’m just a cook。”
Xie Wei said,Look at Wu Xiaorou with a strange look。
“You are now a cook,Doesn’t it mean that you were also a cook before。”
Wu Xiaorou said,With a faint smile on his face。
“Oh,is it?”
What Wu Xiaorou said just now,I directly point out Xie Wei and hide his past,But he asked calmly,I also appreciate Wu Xiaorou more and more in my heart。