There is a tall figure slowly descending in the distance,Xiang Chen and others also saw the breaking monks beside Zhixingchuan before。

For the monk,Duke Keisley, they are not very surprised anymore,But because of Xiangchen’s side,Duke Keisley still pretended to meet for the first time,Ask Zhixingchuan on the side:“It seems that we interrupted the cleanup!”
Speak without a smile,The Duke of Kesley was standing beside everyone, staring and talking nonsense,Relying on the sight around me now,As long as it’s not a fool,You should be able to see,This is the home of the monks。
Xiang Chen laughed and greeted the monk,“Good evening, master!It doesn’t matter if it is bad,up to you!”
Xiang Chen’s voice is very penetrating,The monk walking towards the distance just turned his head and glanced in the direction of Xiang Chen.,Said nothing,No salute,It’s like seeing a bird in the sky,Extremely indifferent。
Greet people at night,But the other party did not respond,When I touched Xiang Chen with a gray nose, he didn’t think it was abrupt。
Smiled at the people around,Xiang Chen walked directly towards the arena inside the bell tower。
An instant,Not only Xiang Chen,Including the Duke of Kesley,Everyone is surprised。
Obviously just separated by a door,But inside and outside the clock tower are two different scenes。
Outside the bell tower is the peace and tranquility of the temple,But after stepping into the gate,The scene inside is suddenly changed to another scene。
Hustle and bustle、Called scolding,It’s hard to compare the picture in front of you with the cleanness outside。
“Is this the celebrity gentleman of you and the country??”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked at Zhixing Chuanyi,Asked with interest。
“Should not count,But I still advise you to be careful,Maybe someone who saw it inadvertently,After exiting this door,Has huge energy。”