“forget it,I don’t know what the content of the test is,How else to prepare。”

“How can I forget。”
Ou Sheng is the emperor in no hurry,Very serious analysis:“How to break through the level must be a force test,During these three days, we conducted special training!Actual combat is the best training,I’m fighting against you these days。”
Chen Xiu saw that she was serious,Don’t allow yourself to object,Had to say:“Special training is special training,But start tomorrow,I didn’t sleep all night last night,Now I have to go back to my room。”
Chen Xiu went upstairs and went back to the room,Just leave Ou Sheng to do it in a hurry,But helpless,The parties are not in a hurry,What’s the use of her being in a hurry。
Chen Xiu took a hot bath after returning to the room,Don’t want to take a shower,On the contrary, I lost a bit of sleepiness,Dare not go downstairs,I’m afraid that Ou Sheng will drag himself to practice。
“correct,《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》!”
Chen Xiu can’t sleep in bed,When I was bored, I remembered that immortal cultivation technique。
“What does Ge Hong mean by leaving this exercise to me??”
“Is for me to practice?”
Chen Xiu took out《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Read it carefully,Whole book《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》It’s just a few pages,There are two missing at the back,However, Wei Kai and Ye Zicheng were torn apart by Ye Zicheng when they were fighting,But the following content has also been seen in Centipede Ridge before。
Now I have finished reading the whole exercise,The content of the whole book is the same as what he read before and after,It’s a set of breath and breath,But they are all exercises that can be practiced within the scope of non-human abilities。