For these,He Shao at this time,The more you look, the more it feels.。

These things,Now,Absolutely can’t make good breaks。
And when necessary,These things,anyway,In fact, there is still this necessary to completely handle it.。
“Humph,It is necessary to see,They next,How to do!”
Chapter 714, our boss will not come.
As He Shao is here。
But didn’t have long,He,More than one person。
This person looked at the time,It’s more performance.。
Just sweeping the next awareness,At this time, He Shao is eyebrows.。
“who are you?”
do not know why,He Shao just felt,His inner depths,Like a flame,Turpful。
The more now,This is actually,I plan to start starting from what.。
In fact, He Shao looks,This point,It is very conspicuous。
But treat these,He Shao at this time,The more you look, the more it feels very stunless.。
despite this,But in He Shae looks,In fact, his heart is deep,It’s a burst of jump.。
“all in all,Since the next,I have already set this idea to do this.。”
“So other things,In fact, there is no more saying.!”
When He Shao’s consciousness looked at the eyes,At this time, standing in front of you,It is Tang Jian。
“You want to see our boss,but,Our boss will not come。”
“Because of the next,you will die!”
originally,http://www.yihaoled.cnIndeed to Shen Xuan,Plan to handle this thing。
But for these,In fact, in Tang,,The next step is going to start from what is started.。
actually,For Tang Jing,Currently these things,I should start from what respect to what respect。
In fact, Tang Lian itself,The more you look, the more it feels quite obvious.。
And He Shao,The more you look, the more you feel funny.。
“Humph,If it is Shen Xuan to come over,That’s good to say。”
“but,Take you,You really think,What can you do??”
For the front of you,He Shao himself,The more it, the more I feel excited.。
For these suffrage,How should I handle it?。
actually,Tang Nian,It is very light。
“Do you think,I don’t know what you want to do??”
“Not only me,In fact, our boss,I have already known it.!”
Tang Nian’s words,What is you?,The whole person is getting more doubts。
all of these,Whether it is true?
He Shao at this time,In fact, it is also completely not to say it.。