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First1081chapter formal
Brunei trip,Seems to open a door for little MacDonald。
According to Little Macdonald,It is best for Chen Geng to accompany him to walk the local tyrants in the Middle East.,Chen Geng said nothing,Refused without hesitation:How many big things do you have to do??
“Don’t worry?”Little MacDonald was a little bit reluctant to leave Chen Geng so quickly。
“no way,”Chen Geng’s face is somewhat apologetic:“I have to go back and interview my campaign team。”
“Campaign team?”Little macdonald smack,Looking at him with surprise:“Isn’t it?You really want to run for mayor of Detroit?”
Earlier, Little MacDonald heard Chen Geng talk about his running for mayor of Detroit,But he didn’t take it seriously,I think Chen Geng made a joke with him:We are such rich and identifiable people,To run for a small mayor?Dude, you must be joking with me!
Little MacDonald at the time felt that Chen Geng said that,But I didn’t expect that he was actually going to play for real?
“Of course,”Chen Geng looked at him strangely:“Didn’t I tell you?”
“I thought you were joking……I didn’t expect you to be in politics……”Little MacDonald smiled bitterly,Bitter smile,A little puzzled:“I said dude,what are you thinking?Like us、Person of status,Is it necessary to charge at the front line??”
His idea is still the old capitalist idea:Political?Why should I be in politics?if necessary,I support a few guys to speak for me on the counter,Why should I rush ahead myself,How tiring that。
Chen Geng understands this idea of little MacDonald,Too lazy to explain to him,Casually:“You just treat me as boring,Do something for yourself。”
Chen Geng said so,Little MacDonald can’t delay people’s business,He sighed:“Ok……Is there anything I can help,Just speak。”
“Thank you,”Chen Geng was not polite to Little MacDonald:“If at that time,I won’t be polite to you。”
Of course, there is no need for Jr. MacDonald to speak for himself in the election for mayor of Detroit.,But in the future, it will be bad,You can remember this favor first。