Li Jiaxing’s voice just fell,Immediately resonated in the Massachusetts Hall,Everyone pointed the finger at Qiao Tianyu。
But Qiao Tianyu was not moved by everyone’s accusations,He raised his hands and pressed his voice,Asked with a smile。
“Since you have such doubts,Then I ask you,About the answers to these six test questions,IMOThe organizing committee has several sets of answers?”
“set。”Li Jiaxing blurted out。
“it is good,If I can write more than two solutions,Can it prove that I stole the answer??”Qiao Tianyu smiled。
“That is natural!”The Li family nodded vigorously,“As long as you can find another solution,I give up!”
“it is good,This is what you said,Everyone give a proof!”Qiao Tianyu said with a smile。
“Let’s make a bet,If you lose,How to do?What did you lose to me?”
“cut,I have never lost in my life,Simply impossible!”Li Jiaxing said confidently。
“I mean if,What if you lose?”Qiao Tianyu chased after him。
“it is good,If i really lose,What do you let me do,What i do,Don’t say anything!”Li Jiaxing said dismissively,“What if you lose?”
“Haha,It’s the same,What do you let me do,What i do。”Qiao Tianyu smiled。