Xiao Xiao stared and said:“Don’t even think about it,Exit halfway,As long as you can give my dad something,Just roll with your tail!I’m telling you the truth,Even if my foot injury is completely healed,I won’t go to work at the company for a while,and also,I live here,Can’t tell anyone,Otherwise I won’t spare you“Xiao Xiao stood up,Look like eating people。

What is this,This boss is a bit like kidnapping,Xia Jianzheng wants to refute two sentences。
“OK OK,Go to rest after eating!Study and work do not conflict,What do you want to learn,Although learning is,Let the group reimburse you for tuition“Old Xiao didn’t open his eyes,So I pressed Xia Jian’s words back,Are you still a father and daughter。
Back to the room,Xia Jian can’t sleep anymore,Why is such a complicated thing spreading on me?,The more he thinks about it, the more he feels burdened。The hands of the wall clock on the wall all point to one o’clock,Xia Jian is not sleepy,But more sober。
He got out of bed,Put on a dress,Walk straight outside。The lights are also on in the east room,It seems Xiao Xiao was not asleep either,Xiao Hei is lying at her door,It looked up at Xia Jian alertly,Put his head back again。
Walking down the corridor,Night breeze,The floral fragrance of the past is gone,But the chill of winter。
“You can’t sleep either?“A voice came,This one in the middle of the night is also quite scary。
Xia Jian stopped in a hurry,Take a look,I saw on the stone bench in the corridor,Sitting a woman with long hair shawl,This is not Xiao Xiao who else?It’s really a narrow road,I can meet her when I come out in the middle of the night,Really hell。
“Come and sit”Cold voice,Really like a ghost。
Xia Jian is most annoying when someone talks to him like this in an imperative tone,But this is Xiao Xiao,He dare not listen。Walked over gently,Only then can I see clearly,Xiao Xiao wore a thick dress,They say women are afraid of cold,No wonder。
“Am i so scary?So far from me,Won’t sit closer”Xiao Xiao asked softly。
Xia Jian helplessly moved his butt,He can’t see clearly in the dark,But he feels that he and Xiao Xiao’s body are close together,A touch of,Familiar scent,It turns out that Xiao Xiao has gently leaned his head on his shoulder
Xia Jian closed his eyes in a panic,Enjoying this rare beautiful moment。this moment,No need to think about anything,Just sit quietly,Xia Jian can hear the sound of his heartbeat。
“I know,We do,Puts you under a lot of pressure,But my dad said,You have potential,Should force you,In case it becomes,You are a rare talent”Xiao Xiao exhales like blue,Speak softly。
“Old Xiao really looks at me,I can’t understand many things,In case i can’t do well,Wouldn’t it be bad”Xia Jian really doesn’t want to break such a beautiful atmosphere,But Xiao Xiao spoke,He can’t help but say。