Chen Geng was a little surprised:Sonia·Paulson is quite willing to pay for the capital,Actually drove Karen1500Ten thousand dollars in pay?

150Is the ten thousand dollar salary high??
That’s pretty high!
This is almost equivalent to the pay of the male protagonist of an equally produced movie。
In hollywood,There is one thing everyone knows、And got everyone’s default rules,That is, men and women are not paid for equal work,Stars of the same level,Male stars are paid much higher than female stars,Like a2000Million dollar big movie,The male and female protagonists invited are all first-line superstars,The actor’s pay is probably150Wanzhi250Between ten thousand dollars,But the heroine’s pay is usually only30Wanzhi60Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Only about one-fifth of the hero。
Even if it arrives30Years later,The situation is still the same。
So you can imagine how much money Columbia Pictures has made.:For a heroine150Ten thousand dollars in pay,It is estimated that the whole Hollywood will shake。
Chen Geng was also a little surprised,But surprised is surprised,He is more of Karen·Carpenter is happy。
I didn’t expect Chen Geng to have such an attitude,Karen·Carpenter looked at Chen Geng’s eyes more and more resentment:“I want to hear your suggestions。”
“Listen to my advice?”Chen Geng’s expression is a bit subtle。
“Ok,”Karen·Carbon characteristics:“I don’t know if I can pick up this movie,I don’t judge whether a movie is good or bad……”
“Since it is a Colombian movie,I can’t watch……Ok,After Columbia sent the script back,,You and your agent can analyze more。”Chen Geng shook his head immediately:What a joke,Show me the Colombian script?!
“but……”Karen·Carpenter bit his lip:“I only trust you,You think it fits,I’ll pick it up,You feel inappropriate,I won’t pick up。”
It’s an American girl after all,For this reason,Karen is not shy anymore,Just look at Chen Geng without blinking。