“Don’t you play tricks!”

Han Yuxiang gave Xiang Chen a warning look,Then silently retreated behind Xiang Chen。
The corners of Xiang Chen’s mouth turned upwards,Thinking,How could this situation be considered a flee,At best it can only be considered a strategic retreat。
Turn around,Under the leadership of Xiang Chen,The gunfire finally became hazy in Han Yuxiang’s ears。
Follow Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang’s eyes turned from suspicious to fierce,But just when the Korean language is about to happen,The stern eyes changed color instantly,Faintly with excitement。
“Xiang Chen,Did you know they are here??”
Facing Sun Songtang who suddenly appeared in front of her,Korean Xiang’s eyes are like carnivores who have seen their prey,And completely ignore that there is a hot spot beside Sun Songtang。Although there is only one popular,But that person has a gun in his hand。
“Sun Songtang,Do you still want to resist arrest?”
Korean Xiang clasped the stone in his hand tightly,Took all the way,Now it finally comes in handy!
The Korean voice of Xiang falls,Xiang Chen bowed to the wall of the alley。
Seeing Xiang Chen’s actions,Korean,Anger,But as a police officer,But can’t hold back。
“Listening to the tone of this lady,Are you also a policeman??It’s just that Sun Mou is even more curious,How much does the government give you every month,Make you such a beautiful lady so desperate?”
Sun Songtang looked up and down Korean Xiang,As if wanting to see her carefully。Looked at it for a while,And then he said。
“Better follow me,How much do you pay each month,I give you double!”
Sun Songtang’s eyes staring at Han Yuxiang gradually became frivolous。
“But I am more interested in catching you!”
Han Yuxiang stared at Sun Songtang and the gunman beside him,Xiang Chen is still kneeling on the ground against the wall。
“I am very easy going,Someone wanted to arrest me just now,I am very cooperative,It’s just that my brothers don’t agree with the guns in their hands。”
Sun Songtang has a smile on his face,The gunman in front of him also raised his pistol and pointed at Korean Xiang。