Cheerful tips,Yunqin recovered awareness。

Open your eyes。Um,Black paint black,Sleep next to your personal,Yunqin calmly closed eyes,An An quiet lying down to digest information。
‘Ge Yunqin’,At the age of age,New Rural Gas Village, the first big family,Gejia old three,Ge Mingzhi,Mother Ge Yunying。There is a nine-year-old brother,Ge Yunhao。 Well,She is still the first time when she is a child?!Yunqin took off the thin blanket covering the body,Pinch your hands and feet in the dark,Nothing,but,Soft,It seems that you can’t touch the bones.,Amazing!
She turns into‘Cartilage animal’?!
It’s next to her. It is this year’s sixty-two Ge Grandma.,Grandpa Ge sleeping on the other side。
Side of the stool,The 呜呜 fan turned,Send a cool summer wind。
Why‘Ge Yunqin’This Gejia,Is the first family of Gejia Village??that is because,Their family is the largest population,So the family is huge。
Ge Grandma is young,A total of five sons。Older,Ge Yi Lin,Feng Jinlian,Educate three children,Big sister,Ge Shufang,Fifteen,Second sister Ge Shunng,twelve;Three brothers,Ge Mingjie,Ten years old this year。
Old,Ge Yishi,Two children with Cai Feng Ying。Boss,Ge Shuqin,twelve;Old two,Ge Mingdong,Ten-year-old。
Old three,that is‘Ge Yunqin’This family,Also four people。
Si Shu Ge Yunjun,Siki Sun Xia,Two,A daughter,Ge Shu painting,Nine years old;My son Ge Xuan,Seven years old。
Wu Hairi Yilong,Unmarried,Running city,It is said that when the actor went.。Also took a name,龙 承。
certainly,In addition to the population,Gejia these brothers,It is also good for development.,Although Gejia Village is not topping,But you can also rank name。
Ge Lao Dafu is the teacher of the village school school.,Very respect。
Ge Lao Second is a medium-sized truck driver,Personity。
Ge Lao San and Ge Laoqua cooperated to open the furniture factory,Have an idea,Every year is not bad。The old two Cai Fengying is a small group of furniture plants.。
Ge Yunying also has its own clothing store in the county,Hire the clerk,She mainly designs a sample,People caught,Or to the goods of others。
‘Ge Yunqin’A child with a big family is a big family,Not a long time ago,Especially heavy men’s era,In this big family,Still very favored。
only,Because of the reason for premature birth,‘Ge Yunqin’body of,Always thin,No resistance is not,Three fifth will be sick for seven or eight days.,Let a family are very sad,Also more pity‘Ge Yunqin’。
‘Ge Yunqin’It is indeed a early life.,Only ten years old,This is a very common fever cold,Take the life。
at this point,Let Yunqin give a total of a total。She is also only live for ten years.。
therefore,‘Ge Yunqin’Wish,Just a healthy and healthy,Safe life。
This wish,For Yunqin,Don’t be too simple。She is a nine-point doctor,Also know the medical skills of the super,By the way, adjust a premature baby,Still very simple。
‘Small molecule,This task,How is this simple?。’
The young Yunqin, the young baby, excited,Not sleep。Pull zero zero to chat。
【Yes,Task is also difficult。In fact, this task is medium-level。only,This task is for your sister, you,It is really simple。but,For others,Not necessarily!】
Yun Qin secret nodded,‘This is。’
‘That Xiao Yuan??He is not in this world?How do I find him??’
【this,I don’t know.!but,elder sister,I believe!As long as you work hard,Willful!】
Zero is full of helpless nest in Yunqin,The only green space rolls up。
He found,He stays here to absorb the energy of the outside world,Be strong in other places。It seems that Yunqin’s knowledge is really secret.。
‘Humph,I don’t really look forward to you.!’Yun Qin proudly snorted,Finish,No zero relief,Strong sleepiness,Open from Yunqin’s knowledge。
【】This,Fall asleep?!!
Yunqin, a five-year-old, is exciting, no resistance,This is a tired sleepiness,Sleeping。
The same day,Just arrived,First, I first experienced it.‘Ge Yunqin’body of,Which level is there?。
Yunqin woke up,I only feel that my head is stunned.,How is your eyes open?。There are talks from time to time in my ear.。
“Uncle,How about it?My family is Yunqin.?”It is a gentle voice of an anxious.。
“do not worry,Yun Qin is also a good job,This is certainly good。”